TNM7 Rule Sets

America Mamushi's Rules
Critic's ROH Rules
JustinPossible's Indy Rules
Matt Harms' TNA Rules
Mike's Rules
Rick's Old School Rules
Rick's Rules
TNM Illustrated

Rule sets are guides for card-by-card booking. They can be a guide to get a circuit started if you're short on booking ideas.

Older files are in either TXT or RTF format. Newer files will be in HTML (and older files may be eventually converted). If you experiance a problem accessing any of the rule sets, please let me know.

America Mamushi's TNM Ruleset
Chris Berry aka "AmericanMamushi" wrote a rules set that went through six weeks. Justin Hipple later continued it, and it currently runs through week 13.
America Mamushi's Rules

Critic of the Dawn's ROH Rules
Critic of the Dawn from the Forums made a ruleset inspired by Ring of Honor's shows that he used for his LIW circuit. He began posting this ruleset in January 2005. Getting Started.

Year 1
Show 1
Show 2
Show 3
Show 4
Show 5
Show 6
Show 7
Show 8
Show 9
Show 10
Show 11
Show 12
Year 2
Show 13
Show 14
Show 15
Show 16
Show 17
Show 18
Show 19
Show 20
Show 21
Show 22
Show 23
Show 24
Show 25
Show 26
Show 27
Show 28
Show 29
Show 30
Show 31
Show 32
Show 33
Show 34
Show 35
Show 36
Year 3
Show 37
Show 38
Show 39
Show 40
Show 41
Show 42
Show 43
Show 44

JustinPossible's Indy Rules
This ruleset was posted on the Forums by user JustinPossible beginning in November 2009. They are specifically for an indy circuit and are based on his 3CW circuit and were also used for his Adrenaline Fueled Wrestling.
Setup & Shows 1-6
Shows 7-12

Matt Harms' TNA Rules
Matt began posting this NWA TNA inspired rules set on the forums in June 2005.

Mike Waldrop's Rules
In November 2001, Mike Waldrop released a new set of circuit rules. They are one of the least strict to date and unfortunately were never continued after the first six months.
Setup | Year 1: Months 1-6

Chris Migliaccio sent these to me, although I'm not sure if he is the originator. This is a rules set for doing a NWA-style alliance featuring many regional circuits with 'floating' World Titles and a governing body.
NWA Rules

Stephen Hutton is responsible for one of the most successful ideas in TNM history: TNM-MultiPlayer (aka TNM-MP). It is a set of rules on how to setup and run a group of circuits together run by several people and using the same talent pool. These rules were used for TNM-MP, TNM-SF, TNM-MP2, and TNM-SL. Slightly modified and updated versions are also available: Chris Migliaccio's for a 2001 incarnation of MP (featuring WCW being restarted by WWF and a new 'next big thing' circuit), another by Josh Liller from 2002 used for the MP on the TNM EZboard Forums (with RAW & Smackdown as seperate circuits due to the brand extension, plus TNA & XPW), and another update for 2010 (with TNA as a major and WWE split into 3 circuits, one for each brand).
TNM-MP Rules (1999) | TNM-MP 2001 Rules | TNM-MP 2002 Rules | TNM-MP 2010 Rules

Rick Garrard's first rule set. Short and simple, they were a way to run a small indy studio circuit.
TNM-RG Rules

The original TNM rules set created by Derek Thorell. They are month-by-month instructions for running a TNM circuit.
Year 1 | Year 2

Rick's Old School Rules
Rick Garrard started a new rules set in Febuary 2004. Gives an 'old school' feel to a circuit. Based off his BCW. Setup
Year 1
Year 2

Rick's Rules
In December 2000, Rick Garrard was at it again and developed a new set of circuit rules. They are similiar to PWWTNM but include the interesting idea of dividing up your roster based on different levels for the wrestlers. Instructions go week-by-week. Unfortunately, Rick never finished rules beyond the first four months.
Setup | Month 1 | Month 2 | Month 3 | Month 4

TNM Illustrated Rules
Rule sets from the now defunct TNM Illustrated website.
TNM Illustrated Circuit Rules | TNM Illustrated Superfed Rules | Dude's Rules

Originally a brainchild of Rob Bihari, its also seen other forms as RTNMLF and TNMWA2k and been ran by Rick Garrard, Josh Liller, Josh Cooper, John "JL" LaRue, Tommy Brownell, and Chris Henderson (twice). The idea is that it can be used for any group of TNMers to make exports of themselves and have matches between them. Sort of like an e-fed. Sort of. The following is compilation of ideas, rules, and variants from the past versions of TNMWA.
TNMWA Rules Compilation