JustinPossible's Indy Ruleset

7.1 One of the non-contracted men from 5.1 has returned to face 1/2 of the losing team from 1.1.
7.2 Your Tag Champs will defend against the team formed in 3.5. If they are already champs have them face the team the took the belts from.
7.3 Two of the women from 5.8 still have a score to settle. Have them go 1-on-1 tonight.
7.4 The team that won your gimmick match series are going to team up with a wrestling legend tonight against the team from 4.1 & someone not used much on your circuit.
7.5 Your Cruiserweight Title will be on the line when your champ faces one of the men that did not win in 6.4.
7.6 Half of your former tag team champions will challenge the new champion crowned in 6.4. Have that man's partner interfere on his behalf.
7.7 The face from 6.9 will team up with a pair of well known wrestlers appearing for one night against the other non-contracted man that appeared in 5.1 and 2 friends from outside your company appearing for 1 night as well. They should not be as big of names as their opponents.
7.8 Your main title should be defended in a rematch of sorts of the impromtu title match in 5.9. If the man that was champion in 5.9 loses this match, you will not see him again.
7.9 The man that won 1.2 has been making a name for himself among the independents. Have another well known wrestler in his weight class come in for one night to thrill the fans as the main event.
8.1 The team that lost your gimmick match series has returned to confront your circuit's spokesman. They have found a loophole to come back, but, your spokesman will not grant them a match tonight.
8.2 Hire a new heel for 6 cards have him face an opponent brought in for 1 night.
8.3 Bring in 2 women for a singles match. They should not be the same ones that have worked for you previously.
8.4 A new stable debuts tonight. The heel team formed in 4.1 have brought in a new friend hired for 12 months. Have them face 3 jobbers brought in for 1 night in a 6 man match.
8.5 The team that won your gimmick match series should take on a new team hired for 6 cards. This new team should be allied with the team brought you hired in 3.1. After the match the 4 should beat down the gimmick series team until the gimmick losers run in to save the team that was supposed to vanquish them.
8.6 Your Cruiserweight Champion will defend the title against the former champion from 5.3. If the wrestler from 5.3 is still champ, have him face the runner up to the battle royal in 5.10.
8.7 You tag champs will be in a non-title match against the team that debuted in 3.1.
8.8 Have your champ that was crowned in 6.4 face the man that was hired for 6.4. If that man is champ, just have him face someone else from that match.
8.9 Your 2 feuding workers from 6.9 will face off in a tag match. Have the heel team with the reurning worker from 7.7 and have the face team with the honoree's friend from 6.3. If the face team wins, the man that scores the fall will become your new #1 contender.
8.10 Once again workers from an outside promotion will be facing off in your main event. Have one of them be from 1.8 and the other from 2.10. They will both be here again for just 1 night.
9.1 The honoree's friend from 6.3 faces the new heel hired in 8.2
9.2 Half of your former tag team champs take on a lower card worker on your roster.
9.3 Hold a 6 man tag match featuring the new stable from 8.4
9.4 Have a 3-way women's match with the 2 women from 8.3 and another brought in for tonight.
9.5 Have the winner of 1.2 take on the man your Cruiserweight Champ faced in 5.3. The winner of this match will be your new #1 contender to your Cruiserweight Title.
9.6 Half of your gimmick matches series winners should take on one of the men that went up against the face team in 7.9.
9.7 The semi-big name from 1.3 returns tonight to face off with one of your lower card workers.
9.8 Your Cruiserweight Champ should face the other man from 8.2 who is again only here for tonight. If that man is eligible make it a title match.
9.9 Your tag champs should put the title on the line against the new team from 8.5.
9.10 The 2 men that have been feuding from 6.9 are going at it tonight in a 6 man tag match. Have the heel team with one of the teams not involved in the title scene. Have the face team with the big name team from 3.8 returning for tonight.

The semi-big name from 9.7 makes one last appearance for you tonight against the man hired back in 6.4.

10.2 The loser of 9.5 should take on someone that hasn't been used much in his division.
10.3 Half of your former tag champs should face the holder of the title from 6.4 for the belt.
10.4 Your tag team title will be on the line in a 4 team match. The team should include your champs (of course), 2 of the men from the stable in 8.4, your gimmick matches series winners, and the team that debuted in 3.1.
10.5 The losing team from 8.5 should face a team brought in just for tonight.
10.6 Have 2 of the women from 9.4 face off again tonight with the 3rd as special referee.
10.7 Your Cruiserweight Title should be on the line against the #1 contender from 9.5.
10.8 A rematch of sorts from last show's main event will be this month's as well. The big name team will be back but this time have them join forces with the honoree's friend from 6.3. They will take on the same opponents as last show in a street fight.
11.1 Your main event this month is going to be a Royal Rumble style match to determine the #1 contender to your Heavyweight Title. The number of participants is up to you. The only person that should not be included is your champion. He has the night off from wrestling, but, can appear in some other way if you want.
11.2 Open the show with a rematch for the tag team titles from 8.5.
11.3 Half of your former tag team champions will take on someone brought in just for tonight with the "m" key. If your former tag champ wins, he will earn a shot at your #3 title next month.
11.4 The losers of your gimmick match series have been allowed to compete in your ring once again. Tonight have them face the team that joined forces with yur champ in last month's main event.
11.5 You will crown a new #1 contender to your Cruiserweight Title tonight as well. Have the man that won 1.2 take on one of the men he faced in 1.1.
11.6 One of the women from 10.6 returns for another match against an opponent brought in for just 1 night. Have the heel hired in 8.2 interfere against the female face.

A masked man makes his debut for you tonight against someone brought in for one night. After the match, have the man unmask to reveal that he is a returning former tag champ (if any have left; if not then just bring in a new talent).
12.2 The man that holds the title from 6.4 should face a new lower card worker hired for 6 cards.
12.3 Tonight you will crown new #1 contenders to your tag team title. Have the team that lost your gimmick match series take on the team from 8.5.
12.4 The heel hired in 8.2 should face a big name appearing for just one night.
12.5 Your Cruiserweight Champion should defend the title against the winner of your memorial tournament. If that man is the champ, have him face the loser of 10.7.
12.6 Give the team that debuted in 3.1 a shot at your tag team title. If the title changes hands, have one half of the defending champs turn on the other.
12.7 Have the team that won your gimmick match series take on one of your better teams.
12.8 Your main title is on the line in the main event as the champ defends against the winner of last month's main event. If your tag champs dropped the belts earlier, have the man that turned interfere on the champion's behalf.