JustinPossible's Indy Ruleset

1.1 Open with a tag match featuring 4 of your best cruiserweights/ high flyers.
1.2 Have the winning team from 1.1 face off against each other to crown your first Cruiserweight champion.
1.3 Tonight starts your tournament to crown your Heavyweight cChampion. In the first match have a semi-big name come in for one night only (unless he wins) and have him face someone you feel will make a big impact one day.
1.4 Continue the first round of your tournament by having 2 mid-carders face off.
1.5 It's time to determine your first Tag Team champions. Hold a 4 team elimination match for the belts. After the match, have the team eliminated last attack your new champs. A big name team making a one night appearance run in for the save. Have your spokesman make a match as the new main event for the night: Your new champs vs the team that attacked them vs the team that saved them in an elimination match for the titles.


Your tournament continues as one of your midcarders takes on the toughest available worker on your roster.
1.7 In your final first round match, have 2 semi-big names face off. Sign the winner to a 6 card contract. The loser won't be back for a long time.  
1.8 A rivalry from another company has spilled over to your promotion. Have the 2 workers face off here. Both are appearing for 1 night only.
1.9 It's time for the 3 team elimination match your spokesman made earlier. If the big name team wins, they will of course be back to defend the titles. If not you wont see them again for some time.

2.1 Tonight you will crown your Heavyweight Champion. Open the show with your first semi-final match featuring the winner of 1.6 taking on the winner of 1.7.
2.2 Hold the other semi-final match here with the winner of 1.3 facing the winner of 1.4.
2.3 Have a member of the losing team from 1.1 take on someone brought in with the "m" key.
2.4 Your Cruiserweight Champion will have his first title defense against the other member of the losing team from 1.1.
2.5 Have two of your lower card workers face off so they can showcase their talent to the crowd.
2.6 It's time for your Heavyweight Title Tournament final. The winners of 2.1 and 2.2 will face off to determine your top champion.
2.7 Your Tag Team Titles will be up for grabs in a gauntlet style match. Up first will be 2 teams that did not win in 1.9.  
2.8 Continue your gauntlet by having the winners from 2.7 take on a new team comprised of the loser of 2.1 & the loser of 1.4.
2.9 Finish off the tag team gauntlet by having your Tag Champs take on the winners of 2.8 for the gold.
2.10 Your main event will be two top names from another promotion coming in for one night only.

3.1 Open up with a tag match with the mystery wrestler from 2.3 teaming with one member of a team from 1.5 not involved in the title scene. They will take on a new team debuting tonight. Signed this new team for 12 cards.
3.2 The 2 teams from 1.5 that are having problems (if neither are your champs) decide to face off in a series of gimmick matches to prove just who is better. Tonight have them start in a gimmick match that is not too elaborate as they will build up during the series. If one of the teams is your champs, just choose another from 1.5 to take their place.
3.3 Your Cruiserweight champ will defend his title against the member of the losing team from 1.1 that he did not face last month.
3.4 Your Tag Team champions will defend against the remaining team from 1.5. If no team is left from that match, just pick another team from your circuit.
3.5 Two lower card workers face off now. Have the loser from 2.6 & the toughest guy on your roster (as long as he is not champ) team up & interfere against both men. After the match the new team beats both down until another big name team (not the same 1 that has appeared previously) making a 1 night appearance runs in to stop them. Make a match for later tonight between these 2 teams.
3.6 The man that lost 1.2 is feeling like he has been forgotten about and wants a shot at your Cruiserweight Champ. Have your champ accept this challenge and defend his title for a second time tonight.
3.7 Your Heavyweight Champion will defend his title for the first time against the man he didn't face in the semi-finals last month.  
3.8 The new team from 3.5 and the visiting team should face off in the main event. Have the big name team up the stakes by making it a No DQ No Countout match.

4.1 Open with the new team from 3.5 taking on one of the guys they beat down & a new partner hired for 12 cards.
4.2 One of the losing team from 1.1 holds a title in another promotion & he wants to defend it tonight. Have him take on his teammate from that match.
4.3 One half of the new team from 3.1 takes on the loser of 3.6 now.
4.4 Hold the second match of your gimmick match series between the two feuding teams.  
4.5 You Tag Champs will defend their title tonight against the new worker from 3.1 and a new partner brought in with the "m" key.
4.6 Two big name rivals make a one night appearance tonight against each other. To make it special the match will be Falls Count Anywhere.
4.7 Hold a tag team match with 4 workers that you haven't used lately.
4.8 Your Cruiserweight Champion defends the title against a well known high flyer hired to a 6 card contract.
4.9 Your Main Champion will defend the title tonight against a challenger known for being hardcore. This challenger will be here for only one night unless he wins the title.

  Memorial Tournament Show
5.0 This month you will hold a tournament to honor a fallen wrestler. You will have talent from all across the country taking part so when the time comes don't be afraid to enter a big name. After all, you want to pack the fans in for this one.
5.1 Open the show with a first round match for your tournament. This match will have the winner of 1.2 take on 2 opponents in a Triple Threat match. Both opponents will be brought in just for tonight.
5.2 Up next in the first round, bring in a big name for one night to face 1/2 of the tag team that attacked your champs in 1.5.
5.3 Your Cruiserweight Champion will be up in the 3rd match of the round. Have him take on a rival from outside your company in a non-title match. You should sign this rival for a 6 card contract after the show.
5.4  Your 4th match of the round will have one half of the losing team from 1.1 take on someone brought in with the "m" key for one night.
5.5 The loser of 3.7 will take on brought in someone using the "m" key for just one night in the next tournament match.  
5.6 The final first round match will be the other half of the losing team from 1.1 taking on a well known worker appearing for one night.
5.7 Before continuing on with the tournament, it's time for some other matches. Have 2 wrestlers that have been feuding lately go at it in a Street Fight. No matter the outcome, have the heel run off after the match to seemingly disappear from the building. This will be big later.
5.8 Bring in 4 women to face off in a tag team match.  
5.9 Your Main Champ should team with your Tag Champs to take on the team formed in 3.5 and one half of your former tag champs. The stipulation for this match is that ALL the titles are on the line with the man that scores the pin on the challengers team winning the title of the man he defeated. After the match, have the heel from 5.7 run in from the crowd & attack your main champ causing an impromtu match for the title.  
5.10 It's time for the final match of your tournament. Hold a 6 man pinfalls only battle royal to crown the winner. If your Cruiserweight Champion advanced, before the match starts announce that this match will also be for the Cruiserweight Title. Have a friend of the man you are honoring present the trophy to the winner.

6.1 Bring in 2 wrestlers with the "m" key. You may sign the winner if you choose, but the loser won't be back.
6.2 Have the tougher half of the team formed in 3.5 take on half of your tag champs. If he is the champ then have him face half of the team he beat. Have one of the men the tough guy beat up way back in 3.5 interfere against him.
6.3 Being at a 2 on 1 advantage, the 2 men doing the beatdown in 6.2 continue their assault until the friend of last month's honoree comes to the ring for the save to clean house. Book a tag match with these 4 men now.
6.4 The vacant title you have left over is now up for grabs. Hold a Fatal Four-Way featuring the loser of 3.7, half of the losing team from 1.1, half of former tag team champions, and a new man hired for 6 cards.  
6.5 Have the winner of 1.2 take on another high flyer of reasonable fame.
6.6 Your Cruiserweight Champ should defend the title against someone brought in for 1 night.
6.7 The final match of your gimmick match series should be tonight. It can be any stipulation you like, but one thing is for sure: the losing team must split up and the man losing the fall will be gone from your company.
6.8 A champion from another company has decided to defend his title against a rival in your ring tonight. Both men will be here for just one night.
6.9 The 2 men from the Street Fight in 5.7 are now going to face off again in a Falls Count Anywhere match. If the heel was able to win your main title last month, put it on the line as well.