TNM Multi-Player (TNM-MP) Rules
Originally by Stephen Hutton in April 1999
Updated Josh Liller in January-May 2010

  1. Decide who is in charge.
  2. Pick your circuit.
  3. Create your circuit on TNM.
  4. Decide on the rosters.
  5. Champions and Feuds.
  6. Scheduling, Writing, and Posting Cards.
  7. Hiring new wrestlers.
  8. Firing wrestlers and wrestlers quitting.
  9. Renewing contracts
  10. Messages between circuits.

1. Decide Who Is In Charge
One player needs to the President of the TNM-MP game. He does not have to run a circuit if he does not want to. He makes all decisions that can not be resolved through any means. When a player is the President then you shall need a Vice President to make decisions that involve the President.

The president is responsible for recieving weekly requests for and posting free agents signings. They also need to keep a list of what feds run shows on what days and some kind of wrestlers taken list.

Ideally, the President will not have a fed unless one or more need to be temporarily run to keep things going while we await a new person to run them.

2. Pick Your Circuit.
Each player gets to pick either a Major, Minor, or an Indy. The selection of majors and minors is fixed based on what the real world circuits are at the time a TNM-MP starts. There can be any number of independents, which covers all real world circuits not listed below as well as new user-created indy circuits.

Ciruits As Of January 2010
WWE - Smackdown
Pro Wrestling NOAH
Pro Wrestling Zero1
Dragon Gate
Pro Wrestling Guerrilla

Not all circuits need to be taken. However, any majors not taken should be set up by the President or Vice President and run as a "dummy" circuit. Dummy circuits are to keep wrestlers that would not normally be available out of use in the TNM-MP. Dummy circuits should run a single card each week which can be very simple with matches unbooked and the results do not need to be posted; this is just to prompt wrestlers to possibly quit or fail to re-sign.

WWE should be ran by 2 seperate people, one for each brand. The two people need to work together for PPVs and cross-show angles. Each brand will have a full-size roster. Wrestlers may be traded between the brands with mutual consent. Note that the WWE brands are the ONLY ones who may make permentent trades.

A circuit may jump from an indy to a minor or a minor to a major under REASONABLE circumstances, having proved themselves over some time. This should be agreed up on by those involved in a TNM-MP.

3. Create Your Circuit On TNM
Go through the usual procedure for creating a circuit on TNM but do NOT hire any wrestlers yet.

You should use the same titles as your circuit's real life counterpart, though it is acceptable to drop lesser titles such as a Women's Title.

4. Decide On The Rosters

Majors Minors Indys
52 cards
4 wrestlers
36 cards
6 wrestlers
4 wrestlers
24 cards
10 wrestlers
6 wrestlers
4 wrestlers
12 cards
10 wrestlers
10 wrestlers
6 wrestlers
6 cards
10 wrestlers
10 wrestlers

All starting members of Majors and Minors must be wrestlers under contract with the company in real life at the time TNM-MP starts. Due to the starting roster size restrictions, Majors and Minors may not be able to start with everyone that their real life counterpart has under contract.

Wrestlers that are sidelined with a major injury in real life may be allocated to their TNM-MP major or minor counterpart on Injured Reserve. Such wrestlers may only be placed on IR at the very beginning of the TNM-MP. They do not count against the starting roster size of a circuit. The wrestler can be brought back at any time after the TNM-MP starts; this reflects a wrestler recovering faster than expected from an injury, although it is probably best to keep the wrestler out until they return in real life. A wrestler returning from IR counts as one of the Free Agent Signings for that circuit the week they return (the "signing" is automatically successful). The entire IR process should be done within reason and at the discretion of the President.

(The idea behind IR is to allow injured wrestlers to remain realistically out of action and without penalizing the major or minor to whom they belong.)

Once you have decided on the roster change back to regular mode and send the roster with the amount of cards you have signed the wrestlers on to the President.

Once all Majors and Minors have submitted their starting rosters then the Indys submit their rosters using wrestlers not under contract with any Major or Minor.

Wrestlers who are retired due to injuries or who are deceased CANNOT be used. However, if a wrestler dies in real life AFTER the TNM-MP starts you make continue to use them as they may not neccessarily have met such an unfortunate end in our little TNM world.

Managers, bodyguards, valets, announcers, and other wrestling personalities are signed in a similiar manner to wrestlers. They have the same limitations about shared talent and about not working twice in the same day. However, since they are not under a contract in TNM they do not need to be renewed and will not quit on you. Such personalities being used by a circuit should be announced as part of their starting roster. Majors and minors start with whatever talent they have in real life. Indys start with whatever talent they want that is available to them. Indys should be reasonable and not hog large amounts of non-wrestling talent.

5. Champions & Feuds
Set your champions as what they are currently. If you are running an indy then you can start as a fresh fed or assign champs as you want to. The same goes for feuds, for the majors/minors go with the current feuds that exist in the parent federation but as the weeks go on you can develop and create your own feuds.

6. Scheduling, Writing and Posting cards
Schedule cards as you would normally do and write them up however you like. It is up to the fed head how they decide results, you can either book them or let them decide themselves or use a mix. Majors and Minors should generally follow with their real life schedule of TV and PPV shows. Circuits should usually have one weekly show (RAW, Smackdown, Impact, etc), plus an PPVs or other supercards they chose.

All TNM-MP card resutls should be posted at an agreed upon location, such as a mutually agreed upon TNM message board.

If you want to run an inter-promotional card (such as an invitational tournament then you get in touch with the other fed head and ask them for a talent exchange. The two heads then decide how they want the match to be run - booked or "shoot" (TNM deciedes).

Cards should be posted reasonably close to the date they are for. If you fail to get a card in, you do not get any free agents that week.

7. Hiring New Wrestlers
The president should set a day each week that free agent signings will attempted and announced. Free Agents are wrestlers without a circuit to wrestle in. Each circuit may attempt to hire up to 4 wrestlers per week, except the WWE brands which may each attempt to hire up to 2 wrestlers per week. The list of wrestlers you are attempting to hire should be submitted by the weekly deadline. All hirings are done through the President (or the Vice President, in case of attempted signings by the President).

Each circuits may bring in one new non-wrestler talent each week (manager, valet, announcer, etc).

To decide if a wrestler will join the circuit you need to roll a six-sided dice (D6) and add some modifiers to it:

Circuit Type Modifiers
wanted by a Major
wanted by a Minor
wanted by an Indy
Roster Size Modifiers
40 or more wrestlers already in circuit
50 or more wrestlers already in circuit
60 or more wrestlers already in circuit
+1 wanted by a circuit from own country
(ex: Japanese wrestler wanted by a Japanese circuit)
The wrestler was just fired by, released by, or quit from a rival major/minor.
(ex: TNA signing someone just released by WWE)
WWE brands do not gain this bonus for wrestlers released/fired/quit another WWE brand.

The President will roll a normal D6 and add or subtract any modifiers as appropriate. If the result is a 5 or higer then the he joins the circuit.

When there is more than one circuit interested in a wrestler make a roll for each circuit, whoever gets the highest number gets the wrestler. If there is a tie then the wrestler has not made up his mind, the circuits that tied can try again next week.

Once you have successfully signed a wrestler, add him to your circuit in TNM and you can be begin using him immediately.

Majors can sign a wrestler for up to 52 cards, Minors for 36 cards, and Indys for 24 cards.

Majors may attempt to sign ("steal") wrestlers under contract with an Indy. If successful, the major may immediately begin to use the wrestler. The indy(s) using the wrestler may use him for the rest of his contract as long as they don't use him the same day of the week as the Major but may not attempt to renew the wrestler's contract. Wrestlers with Minors or other Majors may not be stolen.

Wrestlers may wrestle for multiple indy circuits, so long as they do not wrestle twice on the same day.

Majors may work out a farm system/developmental contract with one or more Indys. This allows the Major to loan wrestlers out to the Indys and borrow wrestlers from those Indys. All loans require mutual consent. Note that if a wrestler being loaned to another circuit quits their parent circuit, they automaticly quit the loaned-to fed as well. Indy wrestlers being loaned to a Major may be "stolen" by another Major, but Major wrestlers being loaned to an Indy may not be stolen. Remember a wrestler's contract status is totally managed by their parent fed.

Keep in mind that some shows are TAPED on a different days than they air when looking out for schedule conflicts. Example: Smackdown airs Thursdays, but is taped on Tuesdays, so a wrestler under contract with WWE Smackdown couldn't wrestle for an indy on Tuesday but could on Thursday. Dates shows are run/taped should be submitted to the president.

8. Firing Wrestlers & Wrestlers Leaving
Wrestlers who are fired by the fed head are placed in the Free Agent pool.

Wrestlers who elect not to re-new their contracts, quit, or who hand in their notice are placed in the Free Agent pool once they leave the roster. You MUST inform the President of ALL roster changes, including non-wrestling talent.

If a wrestler quits or is fired from a circuit, that circuit may NOT attempt to rehire him/her for a period of 4 weeks. This includes WWE brands wanting to hire a wrestler that has left another brand.

9. Renewing Contracts
A wrestler who's contract is up for renewal will inform you of their intentions in your own circuit. If he wants to re-sign then he will ask you in your own circuit. You MUST be honest about this, there is no way to prove that people are cheating; it is in the spirit of the game to be honest and enjoy it when your top-star leaves. It gives you a chance to make new talent!

Contract renewal limits are the same as signing a new wrestler: 52 for Majors, 36 for Minors, and 24 for Indys. You can re-sign a wrestlers as many times as you like, provided that the wrestler asks to re-sign in TNM.

Note that 1 "card" on a wrestlers contract equates to 1 week. So switch your circuit temporarily to Email Mode when running special cards (like PPVs), unless they are taking the place of the weekly card.

10. Messages Between Feds
The President should make a weekly posting on the appropriate message board or send out a weekly email announcing all Hirings, Firings, and similiar TNM-MP news.

Fed heads are encouraged to contact each other via email or message board messages to work out deals.

Remember that everything you can do in real life you can do in TNM-MP!