Josh Liller's TNM 3:16
"Some of us play a game. Others of us tell a story. You know where I stand."

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Welcome to the longest running unofficial TNM7 website, around since August 6, 2000. It's not updated on a regular basis, but I'm still active from time to time and welcome submissions from other TNMers.

    TNM News: January 2020
  • TNM7SE Build 10 released.
  • New official plugins: Export File Wizard, Theme Music Wizard Reloaded, and Entrance Music Wizard.
    (See for details)
  • TNM Classic
    What's New: March 29, 2020
  • Updated the link for getting your TNM7 codes resent.
  • Real Wrestler Exports: added some early 1990s WCW exports made by me, Texas Indy Pack by rebelcoyote, and various export packs by mkpunk. These were all previoously posted on the forums.
  • Reference: more tweaks to the Moves list
  • Circuits: added some cards to my WCW '97 circuit that had been done years ago but never actually uploaded to the site. That circuit will probably not be revived.
    What's New: April 5, 2020
  • IHLW: edited and HTMLized if you want some absurdist wrestling to read.
  • Circuits List: badly needed update.
  • Circuit Ideas: added WXO, XWF, WCW 2001 (Bischoff buyout), and WWF 1997



TNM, TNM7, and all associated logos are copyrighted by Oliver Copp.
The quote below the logo is by Jesse "PLC" Day, explaining why he still uses TNM instead of programs like EWR or Promotion Wars. I think most of us who still use TNM7 share that sentiment.
"TNM 3:16" comes from my entry into the contest to determine the official slogan for TNM7, spoofing Austin 3:16 which was near its peak at the time.
("TNM 3:16 says Gillberg just whipped Austin's ass.") It lost out to Brian Pillman's famous "I respect you, bookerman!"

Disclaimer: TNM7 and AWE are text-based pro wrestling simulator programs.
All wrestling organizations ("circuits") linked from this site are works of fiction. The characters and events depicted are for entertainment purposes only.