TNM7 Easter Eggs

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FE Easter Eggs
See the Who's Hot, Who's Not list Press 'x' while viewing the Circuit Menu. Also works in SE.
Be able to select any wrestler in your database for the current match, regardless of whether they are hired. On the screen where you select match participants, press '~'. It wont show the wrestler list any differently, but you can now select wrestlers who aren't under contract (the ones with grayed out names). Also works in SE.
Give a match extra time. Press 'e' at the end of the match. If the match ended in a time-limit draw, it gives the match 5 more minutes. If it was Iron Man Match, it gets a 10 minute "overtime" period. Also works in SE.
Have a title holder who has left your circuit to continue to wrestle as long as he tolds the title. Press 'i' when selecting wrestlers for a match. This gives you a list of title holders to choose from, even if they are no longer under contract. Also works in SE.
Continue a match after it ends. Press 'c' at the end of the match. Also works in SE.
Set match time to 0:00:00 Press 't' at any point during a match. Also works in SE.
Restart a match Press 'r' at any point during a match. Also works in SE.
Select the current wrestler as well as all wrestlers to the end of the list When viewing a list where it is reasonable to select several wrestlers at once (such as the Delete A Wrestler screen), move your cursor over the first wrestler you want and press '+'.
Great Muta can land on his feet after missing a moonsault Built in both versions, and TNM 6.2 as well.
Some wrestlers execute their finisher as their cross-corner move. Originally built in. Starting with Build 6c, this could be selected by the user as well.
Fueds can carry over between circuits. Built in to both versions.
Non-singles titles can be defended in a War Games match. Schedule a War Games match with the title holder(s) and be sure "non-title match" isn't checked. Also works in SE.
Crowd may start a "Hogan" chant if a wrestler is extremely boring Built in to both versions.
You can specify what type of intereference will occur. Add the line "UnlockBetaCode=1" (w/o quotation marks) to the end of the tnm.cnf file. TNM will ask you what type of interference to use when you select "Book Interference" Be warned this can cause longer than normal matches. This egg will no work in SE.
Have a Battle Royal with pinfalls and submissions only. Choose the participants for the battle royal then click on the top right corner of the screen (you'll hear a beep when activated; activated only for this match). Only works in Builds 3 thru 6c. In Build 6d/6e and SE, the program will always ask you if you want pinfalls/submissions to count when scheduling a battle royal.
Have a true Submission Match schedule a match and given it the special name "Submission Match"

SE Easter Eggs
    Easter Eggs 1 thru 7 and 49/50 are automatically unlocked starting with SE Build 1.4
booking interference in battle royals and elimination matches hold a Royal Rumble with over-the-top rope eliminations turned on which includes Giant Gonzalez and The Undertaker
Elimination Chamber match have a match between Shawn Michaels and Triple H for the World Heavyweight Title where Michaels pins Triple H with the Sweet Chin Music
displays interference in match results hold a tournament for a vacant title with the finals being Randy Savage over Ted Dibiase
wrestler-specific crowd chants have a match between Hollywood Hogan and The Rock which ends with Rock hitting the Rock Bottom for the pinfall win
wrestlers can perform moves on referees have a match between Scott Hall and anyone else. book interference by Larry Zybysko. Hall's opponent must win via pinfall after Zybysko's interference
special referees who are also wrestlers can do moves if attacked have a match between The Undertaker and Kane with Steve Austin as Special Referee
change the probability of objects being intercepted when thrown in by an interferer match between tag teams named The Fantastics and The Midnight Express with managers banned from ringside. the real life members of the respective teams do not need to be used.
Captains match have a match between "Captain" Mike Rotunda and "Captain Redneck" Dick Murdoch
Captains match have a match between "Captain" Jean-Luc Picard and "Captain" James T. Kirk