TNM7 Circuit Ideas


What If Hogan Didn't Leave AWA?
This is an idea I came up with for an alternate history setup for a group of TNM circuits, possibly for use with Troy Perry's MultiFed program or a modified version of the TNM-MP Rules. "What If" sceneario where WWF never became the dominate national wrestling fed.
Wrestling Universe 1985 (rosters for AWA, WWF, and NWA/WCW)
Wrestling Universe 2000 (general circuit ideas only at this point)

WCW 1996: Rebooking The nWo
If you could do the entire New World Order angle over from the beginning how would you do it?

WWF 1996: King Hunter
What if Hunter Hearst Helmsley wins King Of The Ring '96 as originally planned instead of Steve Austin?

WWF 1997: A World Witout Owen 3:16
At Summerslam '97, Owen Hart botched a piledriver on Steve Austin in their match for the Intercontinental Title, breaking Austin's neck. What if that never happened?

ECW 1997: West Coast Extreme
What if ECW started in California instead of Philadelphia? And what if it took more inspiration from the early popularity of UFC?

WCW 2001: WCW Lives On
What if WCW had not lost its timeslot on TNT and was never bought by Vince McMahon?

WCW 2001: WCW Reborn
What if WCW had been relaunched as its own show a few months after WWF purchased it in early 2001?

WWF 2001: Rebooking The Invasion
The WCW/ECW Invasion of WWF in 2001 is widely considered one of the biggest disappointments in wrestling history. Can you book it better?

WWE 2010: The NXT World Order
The NXT Season 1 rookies trashing RAW in June 2010 was one of the biggest and most exciting angles in years. But someone wish it was booked differently.

TNA 2010: Return Of The Monday Night Wars
Hulk Hogan came to TNA and TNA Impact went to Mondays. TNA lost that fight and retreated back to Thursdays. Could you book them better?