What If Hogan Didn't Leave AWA?
(2000 version)

Hulk Hogan got his start in AWA in the early 1980s. In December 1983, Vince McMahon signed him away to WWF as part of his national expansion and talent raids on other companies. Hogan would headline the first Wrestlemania and for better or worse Hulkamania ran wild for years. AWA was defunct before the decade was over. But what if Hogan never left?

With that in mind, here is an overview a wrestling alternate universe circa 2000 where Vince McMahon never succeeding in dominating wrestling in the US. Instead wrestling is split amongst several large territories, some larger and better off than others but none truly national.

Run all the circuits together, just pick one and use the MultiFed plugin to manage talent, or do something else of your own devising.

Still ran by Vince McMahon Jr, who is bitter and hates everyone for his failed dreams in the 1980s of going national. As it is, he is THE wrestling mongul of the northeast including eastern Canada. Sports entertainment oriented.

Ted Turner bought up Jim Crocket Promotions, WCCW and UWF/Mid-South. Based out of Atlanta where Jim Ross and Jim Cornette run things while Ted Turner is still owner. Somewhere between USWA and WWF in style, a mix of old style and sports entertainment. They run shows throughout the south, from DC to Florida to Texas.

The old Memphis territory, run by Jerry Lawler and the Jarrett family. Old-school wrestling. They run shows in Tennesee, St Louis, and the Ohio Valley area.

Struggling in the Chicago/Detriot/Minnesota area, but still around because Vince never raided their major stars. Verne Gagne is retired, with Greg Gagne and Eric Bischoff now running things. Hogan is nearing the end of his career and the promotion is full of his friends and cronies like Ed Leslie and the Nasty Boys. A hugely successful college wrestler by the name of Brock Lesnar could help turn things around if they last long enough.

Extreme Pro Wrestling, a hardcore fed which dominates California and Las Vegas. Similiar to ECW and XPW. Paul Heyman and Rob Black are probably involved somehow. Possibly has more MMA influence, with worked UFC-style fights and employing more legit fighters turned wrestlers Ken Shamrock and Kurt Angle (assuming nobody tried to crucify anyone when he visited).

Pacific Northwest Wrestling, weakest of all the territories due to lack of expose compared to the others. Primarily running in Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver it also has the northwestern United States and western Canada, including a merger with Stampede Wrestling in the early 90s. The weakest territory but an internet darling due to wrestlers like the Hart family, Chris Benoit, and Chris Jericho.