Fantasy Wrestler Exports

These are fantasy wrestlers: wrestlers not based on any real wrestler. In some cases they will be a real person who isn't a wrestler. Others are characters from video games or movies. And most are just the product of someone's imagination. All exports here are in ZIP format; once unzipped the files will be in a .tnm format. New exports have a NEW by their name. If you have any exports you'd like to have added, please place them in a ZIP file and email them to me.

Movie & TV Characters
Video Game Characters
Circuit Rosters

Movie & TV Characters
Fictious wrestlers based on or inspired by movie characters.
B.A. Brakkas Josh Liller 2002 "Bad Ass" B.A. Brakkas, a tough black guy who likes to wear gold chains. Inspired by Mr T's character on "A-Team".
Benson Payne Josh Liller 9/2009 Major Benson Payne. Based on the main character from the movie "Major Payne".
Bonesaw McGraw Josh Liller 2002 Randy Savage's wrestler character in "Spiderman"
Iceburgh Josh Liller 2002 Evil Pittsburgh Penguins mascot, inspired by the Jean Claude Van Dam movie "Sudden Death"
Jet Lee Josh Liller 2002 Martial arts fighter inspired by Jet Li's character in the movie "Kiss of the Dragon".
Randy Robinson Josh Liller 2009 Randy "The Ram" Robinson. Mickey Rourke's character in "The Wrestler".
The Shanghai Kid Josh Liller 2002 Inspired by Jackie Chan's character in the movie "Shanghai Noon"
Simpsons ??? 2001 Bart & Homer
Simpsons characters Josh Liller 2002 Disco Stu, Hugh Jass, Smilin' Joe Fission, "Diamond" Joe Quimby, & Nelson Mutz
Skull Duggary Josh Liller 2002 Inspired by the wrestler of the same name from "Secrets of Pro Wrestling Revealed". Heel who wears a skull mask.
Soldier Josh Liller 2001 Inspired by Kurt Russel's character in the movie of the same name.
The Waterboy Josh Liller 2001 Adam Sandler's character in the movie of the same name.

Video Games
Exports of characters from video games. For non-human characters like Pokemon and Yoshi, the export has been designed to represent a wrestler playing the gimmick rather than the actual character.
Blitz Josh Liller 2002 Based off the first version of the game NFL Blitz, which allowed you to do various wrestling moves on a downed player after the play.
Dead or Alive Josh Liller 2002 Tina Armstrong (DOA2) & Bass Armstrong (DOA3)
Final Fight Kirk McCullough & Josh Liller 2002 Cody Simmons (by Kirk, used in SMWA)
Guy Kurasaki (by Josh)
Mortal Kombat Josh Liller 2002 Johnny Cage, Liu Kang, Scorpion, & Sub-Zero.
Pokemon Josh Liller 2002 Beedrill, Charizard, Gengar, Hitmonlee, Koffing, Lickitung, Machoke, Onix, Pikachu, Pinsir, Snorlax
Street Fighter Josh Liller &
Kirk McCullough
2002 Ryu, Ken Masters, Chun-Li, Dan Hibiki, Biride, Edmund Honda, Dee Jay, Sagat, Vega, M. Bison, Rainbow Mika, Guile, & Chun-Li
Zangief (by Kirk, from SMWA)
Streets of Rage ??? 2002 Axel Stone, Mona & Lisa
Super Smash Brothers Josh Liller 2002 Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Captain Falcon, & Bowser
Tekken Josh Liller 2002 From Tekken 3 & Tekken Tag:
Bryan Fury, Forest Law, Julia Chang, & King
Virtua Fighter 3 Josh Liller 2002 Wolf Hawkenfield, Jeffry McWild, Jacky Bryant, Sarah Bryant, Akira Yuki, Lion Rafale, Kage Maru, Shun Di, Lau Chan, Pai Chan
Yahoo Fighters Josh Liller 2002 Based on the three characters from the Yahoo Fighters IMviroment for Yahoo Messenger:
April Locke, Billy Armstrong, & Hiro Hazama

Circuit Rosters
These are packs of multiple wrestlers from specific fantasy wrestler circuits of the past.
Contains two export files: ASWA1 & ASWAlegends. There is some duplication; I think ASWA1 is newer.
Ray Wong
Rick Garrard
16 wrestlers.
Kirk McCullough
106 wrestlers. The big export Kirk released when he closed SMWA.
Donovan Glory, Boris Molotov, El Temblor, Johnny Brodreaux, Sammy Chung, & The Golden Cycloner

Flipsyde's wrestler pack Flipsyde 2003 150 wrestlers. check out the readme and bios for the wresters
Geerts' wrestler pack Rik Geerts 2003 List is here
Hawkins' wrestler pack David Hawkins 2002 Ghost, Spreak, Spectre, Jack Slater, Zack Archer
Jobber The Hut's wrestler pack 1NEW Jobber The Hut aka
Drunken Foot
2/2010 Nearly 40 wrestlers. TNMXREF wrestler info for this export is here.
Maise's wrestler pack Maise 2002 Maise, Scott Lawrence, L.A.Riotz, & Unleaded
Max Jerome's wrestler pack Max Jerome 2002 "The Mechanic" Joe Dean, "The Human Skyscraper" Jack Rabid, & "Magnificent" Maxwell Monroy
Sean Legg's pack Sean Legg 2002 "The Russian Titan" Boris Slovikoff, Serial Thrilla, & Vengeance
Alcoholics Anonymous Josh Liller 9/2009 Comedy stable of drunken brawlers. Instead of being known by their first name and last initial instead they go by the name of their favorite drink: Anheiser Busch, Bud Weiser, Captain Morgan, Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, Johnny Walker, Jose Cuervo, Perlova, San Miguel, & Brandy.
AC DC Josh Liller 2002 Angus & Duncan Clark. A tag team of Aussie AC/DC wannabes.
Anaconda Josh Liller 9/2009 Massive mentally unstable masked wrestler from Brazil.
Azteca Guerrera Josh Liller 9/2009 Mexican wrestler whose gimmick celebrates his Aztec heritage.
Bonzi Buddy Josh Liller 2002 A big purple monkey who just wants to give you a hug and be your friend. Inspired by annoying banner ads from the early 2000s.
Brock Berlitz Josh Liller 9/2009 Brock "The Rock" Berlitz, a big nasty powerhouse wrestler who likes to pummel his opponents into submission. Inspired by Brock Lesnar in the UFC.
Cult of the White Zombie Josh Liller 2002 Astro Creep 2000, Electric Head 1 & 2, La Sexorcisto, and El Phantasmo. Group of luchadores doing a White Zombie gimmick.
Curt Marcus Josh Liller 2002 "Shooter" Curt Marcus. Shootfigher named as a tribute to late referee Marc Curtis
D-Bo Friday Josh Liller 2002 Ghetto-thug type gimmick.
Degeneration NeXt Josh Liller 2002 Based on some of the most infamous members of the TNM Discussion List: Tony Norris, Justin Taylor, James Donovan, and Xavier Ray
Dr. Gerry Punch Josh Liller 9/2009 Dr. Gerry Punch, the self-proclaimed "Professor Of Punchology". Old school heel who tries to outsmart his opponents and hit them with brass knux when the ref isn't looking. His finisher (The PHD) is a double meaning: besides the college degree reference, it's also an acronym for "Punch + Heart = Defeat".
Drifter, The Unright 2002  
El Taco Fuerza Josh Liller 2002 "The Taco Power" El Taco Fuerza. Comedy luchadore who is obsessed with Taco Bell. Often munches a burrito before the match.
Federale Josh Liller 2002 Luchadore with a crooked Mexican cop gimmick
Godzilla Josh Liller 2002 Big wrestler with a Godzilla gimmick. Used in my PWF.
Great White Shark Josh Liller 2002 Big heel with a JAWS gimmick. Used in my PWF.
gWo Josh Liller 2001 The Geriatric World Order, a nWo parody from an e-fed I was in years ago
Hell On Wheels Josh Liller 9/2009 "Hot" Hal Racer and "Cool" Luke Racer. A couple of rich, cocky 20-somethings living off trust funds with a love of fast cars, hot women, and themselves.
Highland Hell Kirk McCullough &
Graeme McGraw
2002 The Flying Scotsman, Angus Wallace, & Hamish MacTavish. Trio of big, perverted, loudmouthed scots from SMWA.
Jared Pope Josh Liller 9/2009 "The Smoking Pope" Jared Pope. Stoner gimmick. Name inspired by the band The Smoking Popes.
Jason Bonham Josh Liller 9/2009 Jason "Ironman" Bonham. His gimmick is that he claims to have been trained by the Von Erichs and thus wrestles like an old school Texas wrestler.
Joe Boring Josh Liller 2002 Based on a Scott Keith idea of having a wrestler named Boring who would intentionally wrestle slow, plodding matches which would prompt the crowd to chant "boring". But since that is his last name, he thinks they were chanting FOR him.
Johnny Reb Josh Liller 9/2009 Stereotypical backwoods redneck.
King Duff Josh Liller &
Adrian English
2002 Modified version of AWCW King Duff so he's now has elements of Duffman from "The Simpsons"
Kurt Nelson Josh Liller 2002 "The Crippler" Kurt Nelson. Benoit-esk wrestler created because I wanted someone to have a Full Nelson Camel Clutch as their finisher.
Los Maniacos Bus Boys Club Josh Liller 2002 Cesar Lozano & Miguel Rosas. Inspired by an odd idea I read somewhere about two talented Mexican bus boys trying to make it big in the music industry; works just as well for pro wrestling.
Los Pentiums Josh Liller 9/2009 Pentiums I, II, III, and IV. Villano-esk luchadores with a computer themed gimmick.
Mad Jack Josh Liller 2002 My take on the SMWA jobber who Jack Slade beat in his first ever SMWA match.
Max Melton Josh Liller 9/2009 Powerhouse with a nuclear gimmick (ala Adam Bomb).
Miss Fire Josh Liller 9/2009 Hot, spunky, and skilled female wrestler who really likes fire.
MOSS Josh Liller 2002 MOSS: Man Of SuplexeS. Jobber wrestler who uses nothing but suplexes.
Mr. Tang Josh Liller 2002 Comedy wrestler inspired by a a running gag on the TNM List.
Oliver Copp Oliver Copp 2002 Oliver's export from TNMWA. Used in my PWF.
Omega Centurian Kirk McCullough 2001 Old heel from SMWA with a Gladiator gimmick.
Pete Brenner Josh Liller 9/2009 "The Brooklyn Brawler" Pete Brenner. Shootfighter from Brooklyn. Created because I wanted to make a badass who comes out to "No Sleep Till Brooklyn".
Philadelphia X-Treme Machine Kirk McCullough 2002 Crash Burns & Slash Battle. Veteran hardcore tag team from SMWA.
Phudjie Josh Liller 2002 "The Conversation Killer" Phudjie. Based on a TNM Forums guy who had a tendancy to make bizaree, almost conversation-killing comments in a chat. As a wrestler, he could do this during someone's promo.
Rick Rudd Josh Liller 2002 "Mean Dean" Rick Rude. Sort of a cross between Rick Rude and Dean Douglas.
Robert Ray Allen Josh Liller 9/2009 Gimmick based on Arthur Leigh Allen, a creepy guy and convincted child molestor who was a prime suspect in the famous Zodiac murders.
Russian Bear Josh Liller 9/2009 Generic "evil Soviet" gimmick.
Shadow Maxx Tim Collins 2002 Mysterious do-gooder who doesn't say much.
Slammer Josh Liller 2002 Big jobber wrestler who uses only slams.
Stan Submisso Josh Liller 2001 A submission-only wrestler.
Stroker Ace Josh Liller 2002 Cocky wrestler inspired by the song "Stroker Ace" by The Charlie Daniels Band
Super Brawler Josh Liller 2001 An attempt to create the ultimate BFA wrestler
Super Kings bAz &
Josh Liller
2002 Super King I, II, & III. Luchadore trio. I got the original exports by bAz then modified them to my liking.
Takahasi Brothers ??? 2002 Kawajiri & Sengoku, a Japanese juniorweight tag team
Taz McKnight Josh Liller 9/2009 "Troubleshooter" Taz McKnight. Think a bigger version of Taz who can be hired to "solve" your problems with violence.
Three I's Josh Liller &
Joe Krystiak
2002 Mr. Intensity, Mr. Intelligence, & Mr. Integrity. Intensity was an creation of Joe's and after Kurt Angle debuted he suggested the addition of the other two.
Tony Ryan Josh Liller 9/2009 Originally a high flying jobber called Flyin' Tony Ryan, he became a cruiserweight to be reckoned after a sudden heel turn with an "FU" attitude.
Totalimmortal Josh Liller 2002

Luchadore with a schitzophrenic gimmick. Named after the song "Totalimmortal" by The Offspring which was used on the soundtrack of "Me, Myself, & Irene" which is a movie with a schitzophrenic main character.

Underground Scene Josh Liller 9/2009 Hardcore Harry and Straight Edge Steve. Tag team with a straight edge gimmick. Based on a tag team in an e-fed I was part of in the late 90s.
W.A.R. Josh Liller 9/2009 Freidrich von Kohl & George Linden. A pair of skinheads - one German and one American - calling themselves the White Aryan Resistance.
Wycked Dreamz
(older version)
FlipsydeKST 2002 Big, nasty Pitbulls-esk tag team and their manager Jade.
Zeke Duffy ??? 2001 "The Half-Cent Dream"