Insane Hardcore Lucha Wrestling (IHLW) is a TNM7-based real wrestler circuit that began in September 2000 (both TNM and real time) and has continued very sporadically ever since. Mostly it was done in three short runs in 2000-2002. It almost came back in 2004. 2007 and 2010 saw a one shot supercard returns. Title histories are available, but it's not like they really matter in a circuit like this.

IHLW is a little bit of everything. Hardcore matches. Luchadores. Indy wrestlers. Gimmicks that are either long dead, parodies, satire, absurdity, and/or deliberately cheesy. Some of it was in deliberately poor taste. Just don't take any of it seriously. The intended vibe was a schlocky 80s action movie. You might say it was Lucha Underground over a decade before Lucha Underground existed.

Alas, I haven't closely followed pro wrestling in years which means I'm mighty short on material and out of touch with the characters. IHLW probably wont be back any time soon, though another One Night Stand show isn't out of the question.
Era 1
6 cards
It began in September 2000 (both TNM and real time), as an indy fed in the TNM-SF superleague. It taped a show every week in the old Universal Studios mini-arena in Orlando, FL where WCW Pro used to be taped. This lasted about a month.
Era 2
4 cards
In May 2001, the circuit made a return and rejoined TNM-SF with a partiarly changed roster before disappearing again after a few weeks.
Era 3
8 cards
In April 2002, it returned for a third incarnation (this time not in a superleague), with its taped weekly show from the Jacksonville Coliseum. That lasted for about 2 months.
Era 4
There was almost a comeback in 2004 thanks to me amassing enough parody ideas, but it never happened due to my hiatus from TNM.
One Night Stand
1 card
One Night Stand
1 card