Please do not repost anything here on any other websites, message boards, blogs, email lists, etc. Feel free to link to it though. If you don't like rhyming poetry you wont like most of my stuff.

Alone (2002)
Written when I was going through a rough time during my first year away at college.

Auburn Eyes (2003)
Written after the death of a close friend's father.

Bloodthirster (2005)
A Bloodthirster is the Greater Daemon of the Chaos God Khorne in Warhammer 40k and Warhammer Fantasy. Which is precisely what this is about.

Elijah Wood (2003)
A personalized reinterpretation of the song "Fred Astaire" by Lucky Boys Confusion, with Fred Astair being replaced by Elijah Wood.

High Crime of Having Unusual Ideas (2002)
This borrows heavily from Eminem's "Without Me" in terms of rythym and, to a lesser extent, meaning. It was about my beliefs and my openness about them offended people.

I Believe (2000)
This is probably my earliest surviving piece of poetry. It was an overly simplsitic attempt to rhyme things I believed in at the time (except for the bit about flying which just sounded nice, unless you want to consider it metaphorically).

Ode To Charlie (2009)
Inspired by Charlie Goes To Candy Mountain. I started randomly coming up with some rhymes about Charlie one day while walking in a park. A little later I went back and finished the words.

Sic Semper Tyranus (Thus Always To Tyrants) (2002)
A narrative piece about an abusive lord who is overthrown by his people, but which also questions the nature in which such revolutions occur. It was inspired by the song "Tyrant" by Judas Priest (from the "Sad Wings of Destiny" album) and a couple lines are directly from it.

Terror Reigns Supreme (2002)
I saw a piece of graffiti at college one afternoon and it reminded me of a shirt that I'd seen in elementary school: "Make peace not war, make [surf/skate] boards not bombs, make love not hate." Somehow this all tumbled forth as I brainstormed all kinds of terrible stuff that I could rhyme then related the whole thing to the post-9/11 world.

Unreal (2002)
This is about playing the original Unreal Tournament at the computer games lab at college. I tried to reference every weapon in the game at least once.