This circuit has been salvaged from the internet to preserve as much as possible after Kirk's original site hosted on FortuneCity bit the dust.
I recovered as much as I coud via the Wayback Machine.
I was able to recover other cards from old TNM Discussion List digests provided by Oliver Copp, including some that had never been posted to the SMWA website (only to the email list).
The main SMWA logo and the logos for the two weekly shows were recovered. Unfortunately, all the PPV logos were lost.
This is one of my favorite TNM circuits of all time, and one of the most influential.
I have cleaned up the formatting a bit, but take no credit for Kirk's memorable storytelling.

Welcome to the premier fantasy wrestling federation on the net. Welcome to the SMWA!

New to SMWA? Start here. Includes a general primer for SMWA as of April 1998, when Kirk first started posting to the TNM Discussion List.
Card Archive
All the available card results can be found here. Just a couple from 1997, a nearly complete run from April to December 1998, and all the cards from early 1999.
Wrestler Profiles
Learn more about the wrestlers of SMWA.
Title Histories
Complete histories for the World and Crusierweight Titles. Other title histories for 1998-1999.
The Big Update
Kirk's big goodbye, which resolved all the storylines through Crash Carnival '99.
Forum Discuss SMWA on the TNM 3:16 Forums.

What I've done is take the ten core characters from the Capcom video game, Saturday Night Slam Masters, thrown in a few from Final Fight and Street Fighter II,
added a hell of a lot of my own to create what is one of the most interesting, original feds on the net.

The SMWA runs on TNM7 , arguably the best pro wrestling simulator ever made. It is available at
I highly recommend you go there and download it TODAY!!!

Kirk McCullough

SMWA, Monday Night Massacre, and Saturday Night Slam Masters logos created by GjMcG Productions.