"Eye of the Beholder"

by Josh Liller

fiction - Hellsing fanfic, PG rating

Author's Note: This story is set after the final episode of the 2002 Hellsing anime.

They had taken everything from her. A knight without a round table, a general without an army...

The whole of Hellsing's forces, destroyed. They'd told her Walter was still alive, still recovering from his near-fatal injuries from the helicopter crash. Who knew where the two vampires were. And they'd taken her freedom, locked her in the Tower of London.

"There is a way to be free again..."

She had an idea how long she'd been there, but no idea how long she was going to be kept there. Here under lock and key, unable to defend queen and country and her faith from the freak vampires and their ghouls and the Vatican.

"See how the queen and country you hold so dear have betrayed you..."

Alucard had shown up twice since. He'd spoken of Incognito, of the last days of the Hellsing organization, and of that other thing. That thing which she could not, would not think out about. Or consider.

"The way to be free, so you might see the worth of things, and still defend them if for some foolish reason you still wanted to..."

But that would be betrayal of everything she held dear, betrayal of the Hellsing name, betrayal of herself. Even if she knew she could deal better than the police girl.

She tried to force such thoughts from her mind.

All it seemed she could do was sit and think these days. Her sleep was restless.

"The sleep of someone in denial..."

Alucard was standing before her, having appeared from nowhere. Offering again.

Integra awoke in a cold sweat. She slowly made her way to the sink and splashed some water in her face. She looked into the mirror and saw two blood red eyes looking back...