Examples Of Common Geocache Containers

NANOS (currently a sub-type of Micro)

Nano Blinkie
Nano Blinker
Nano Button

Most common nano-sized container.
Usually magnetic.
Usually requires a specially designed logsheet.
Logsheet may be difficult to remove (tweezers help).
Mini Ammo Can Mini Ammo Can  
  Slim Bob Tiny ziplock pouch wrapped in duct tape.
Often held in place by a small magnet inside the pouch or by velcro.
Pet Collar ID Tag Pet Collar ID Tag  
Mechanical Pencil Refill Container Mechanical Pencil Refill Container  
Fake Bolt Fake Bolt May be in place of a regular bolt, but not always.
Micro Centrifuge Tube Pico Tube Waterproof with pop top.
Often pushed into soft sand or dirt, or possibly with something attached to the top.
Sometimes used as log holders in a fake object.
Larger variations may be considered Micros, but Nanos are most common.
35mm Film Can 35mm Film Can
Film Canister
Probably the most common micro.
Inexpensive container.
Not waterproof.
  Diabetic Test Strip Container Similiar size and appearance to a film can, but more durable and the lid seals much better making them reasonably waterproof.
Magnetic Key Case Probably the most common micro cache besides film cans.
Almost always attached to a metal object, especially the underside of benches and picnic tables.
Sometimes attached to a metal plate that is attached to a non-metal object.
Not waterproof.
Key cases with clip tops tend to break the clips and the lid will no longer stay attached.
Bison TubeNantro Bison Tube
Nitro Tube
Nitro Nano
Nano Tube
Usually hanging.
Some larger than others.
Micros, but sometimes described as nanos.
Scuba Bison Scuba Bison Bison tube that unscrews from the bottom.
Bottom is usually flat rather than rounded like a normal bison tube.
Usually hanging.
Some larger than others.
Micros, but sometimes described as nanos.
Pill Fob Pill Fob Similiar to a bison tube, but not as waterproof.
Usually hanging.
Matchstick Container Matchstick Container

Usually camo'd as they are sold in bright colors.
Sometimes erronously listed as Small.

Soda Preform Preform Soda Bottle
Soda Preform
Similiar diameter to a film can or matchstick container, but at least twice as tall.
Usually camo'd.
Sometimes listed as Small or Other instead of Micro. (Based on their internal volume and inability to hold travel bugs and geocoins they are Micros.)
Altoids Case Altoids Case

Not waterproof.
Rusts easily.
Easily mistaken for garbage.
Terrible container.

Pill Bottle Pill Bottle Empty plastic medicine bottle.
Usually camo'd.
May not be waterproof.
Be sure to remove or completely cover all references to medicine!
Fake Rock Fake Rock Usually waterproof.
Usually micro, but larger ones may be listed as size Small.
Variety of shapes and colors.
Normally opened from the bottom.
Sometimes created specifically for geocaching, but others may be hide-a-key containers or modified from outdoor lighting holders.
Swim Can Swim Can
Waterproof Swim Container
Cylindrical Sportsafe

Plastic container about the size of two film cans stacked together.
Sometimes listed as Small, but really a big Micro.
Despite their intended use, these containers are not very waterproof.

Decon Decon
Decon Kit
Military surplus decontamination kit case.
Often hanging.
Tough and waterproof if closed properly.
Mini Decon Mini Decon Plastic container designed for geocaching that resembles a Decon.
Tough and waterproof if closed properly.
Smaller than a normal Decon, but still big enough for geocoins and smaller trackables.
Fake Sprinkler Fake Sprinkler Fake sprinkler hide-a-keys or real sprinklers with the insides removed.
Risk of searchers damaging real sprinkler heads in the area.
Otterbox Otterbox Waterproof plastic case with latches and a hinged side.
Submergable and more durable than a lock-n-lock, but more expensive.
Usually camo'd as they are usually sold in bright colors.
Bigger Otterboxes are sometimes listed as size Regular.
Water BottleMetal Water Bottle Water Bottle Often camo'd.
Often hanging.
Mega Bison Fat Bison
Mega Bison
Mighty Mega Capsule
Screwtop metal cylindrical container.
Moderately waterproof, but often less so as the o-ring degrades.
Ammo Can Ammo Can Classic geocache container: military suprlus metal ammunition cans.
Waterproof and durable.
Any military markings or references to ammo should be covered or removed before placement.
Lock-n-Lock Lock-n-Lock
Lock & Lock
Latched Tubberware
Plastic tubberware container with a latch on each side.
Often camo'd.
Square or rectangle.
Smaller versions are size Small.
Rubbermade Container
Non-latched plastic containers are not waterproof thus make poor geocache containers.
Large Ammo Can Large Ammo Can Larger military surplus metal ammunition cans.
Usually same length & witdth as a regular ammo can, but much deeper (4-5 ft tall).
Homemade Giant Ammo Can Huge Ammo Can Homemade large ammo can.
Often made of plywood or converted from a large metal storage container.
Big enough to fit a person inside.
Easy to find.
5 Gallon Bucket