About The Webmaster

I've been dabbling with this site since a week after I got on the internet way back in 1995. When I started it was with a 14.4k modem, a text-only browser, and a free ISP that automaticly logged users off every 45 minutes.

I was relatively early on the GeoCities bandwagon (Colosseum/6513). I used their EZ Editor then taught myself HTML and coded by hand mostly through Notepad for years. I tried Frontpage once, but the code it generated was so awful I stuck with Notepad. I finally got Dreamweaver in 2001 and have been using versions of that ever since. Unfortunately, the web design world is slowly passing me by as I'm just barely dabbling in CSS and no none of the more advanced programing like PHP. My Web Design instructor in 2007 told me my design was "stuck in the 90s".

This site has gone long periods without being updated, but has never been taken down. Work on the site tends to been in spurts when I'm not occupied with real life or my pletheral of other hobbies. I'm an avid life-long reader, most of nonfiction. I've also been a computer gamer most of my life. I am a frequently frustrated Miami Dolphins fan since 1994. I started playing Magic The Gathering in 2003. I have had a kayak since 2006. I started geocaching in 2010. I got interested in genealogy around 2012. I've also been an on-and-off pro wrestling fan since the 1990s, which led me following the UFC in the 2000s. My work has caused me to develop an interest in lighthouses. I also love to travel.

Rest assured, The Experience will continue!