June 12, 1999
Tijuana, Mexico

Los Nuevos Canadians open the show by coming out with Canadian flags and demanding the Candian National Anthem be played. As soon as it finishes, the Mexican National Anthem starts and out comes El Mariachi. He gets a mic and reminds the Candians he hasn't forgotten that spiked piledriver that put him out of action for several weeks. He wants to face the Canadians later tonight. The Canadians offer a handicap match but then the lights go out. When they come back on, the Canadians don't realize Tinebla Guerrera is sitting on a turnbuckle behind them with a mic so he spooks them when he starts to speak. He says he hasn't forgot the Canadians interference on the Cinco De Mayo show so El Mariachi doesn't need to search for a tag partner! The rudos agree to the match and beat a hasty retreat.

Los Pentiums come out with their newly won Trios Titles. Gravity Racer, El Hijo de X-51, and Mach 3 come out and ask for a match, since they had a few matches back in April. Los Pentiums agree, but this one is non-title.

Two-out-of-three-Falls Match
Los Pentiums (Pentium I, Pentium II and Pentium IV) beat Hijo de X-51, Gravity Racer and Mach 3 2 falls to 1:
x Pentium II beat G-Racer via a backslide in 0:03:17
x G-Racer beat Pentium II via a springboard somersault bodyblock in 0:11:32
x Pentium IV beat G-Racer via the Terrabyte Bomb in 0:14:01
Rating: * 3/4

First fall has some good tag action but the rudos take it with a backslide countering an armdrag. Second fall sees one of the Pentiums get powerbombed on a chair. Mix of brawling and some highspots to finish it. Third fall sees the rudos keep Gravity Racer trapped in the ring. They repeatedly prevent him from tagging out and just wear him down till they can finish him off. Crowd was not particularly excited.

Two-out-of-three-Falls Match
Los Conquistadores (Conquistador #1 and Conquistador #2) and El Cheapo beat
Los Pokemon (Hitmonlee, Machoke and Pinsir) 2 falls to 0:
x Cheapo beat Pinsir via disqualification in 0:09:18
x Conquistador #2 beat Pinsir via the Tornado Dropkick in 0:20:46
Rating: ** 1/2

El Cheapo is drawing some serious heel heat. If you ever want to see entirely too much choking have Pinsir and Machoke fight Cheapo. One of those chokes finally draws a DQ. Cheapo finally tags out to a Conquistador and Hitmonlee finally gets into the match. He proceeds to kick the crap out of the Conquistadors but Cheapo sneaks in a low blow that the ref misses and that sets up a few submission attempts and finally the Tornado Dropkick to finish.

Two-out-of-three-Falls Match
Los Japones (Kash Azumi, Kawajiri Takahashi and Saito Makahasi) beat
Los Pokemon (Beedrill, Gengar and Koffing) 2 falls to 0:
x Kawajiri beat Beedrill via a top-rope Frankensteiner in 0:01:47
x Makahasi beat Koffing via disqualification in 0:10:41
Rating: * 3/4

The match has barely begun when Takahashi tries to rip Beedrill's mask off. That puts Beedrill off his game and he gets worked over and finally hit with with a rana off the top. Beedrill managed to grab the ropes but the ref ignored it. Between the somewhat bogus pinfall and the mask ripping, the crowd gets really pissed at Takahashi. Second fall ends with Koffing take a beating from Makahashi but he kicks out of the Super Dragon Suplex. Koffing uses his special gas to knock out Makahashi but that draws a DQ. Referee Hernan Guerrero is not popular with the fans right now.

Two-out-of-three-Falls Match
Los Ratoncitos (Poderoso Raton and Speedy Gonzalez) and Pikachu beat
The Electric Head (Electric Head 1 and Electric Head 2) and Federale 2 falls to 0:
x Pika beat Federale via a ropeflip moonsault in 0:09:28
x Pika beat EH 1 via a ropeflip moonsault in 0:12:51
Rating: ** 3/4

On the first fall when Speedy ducks a double clothesline from the Electric Head and comes back with a double clothesline of his own. This happens twice. Electric Head give up and give Federale a try and he pounds away but gets dropped with an Asai leg lariat. Pikachu hits the Electric Drop, but the Electric Head save. The Ratoncitos come in and keep them at bay so Pikachu can hit a moonsault and finally take the first fall. Second fall sees the rats work over the Electric Head with Pikachu finishing with a spinning backbreaker and another moonsault. Pikachu is over with the crowd and clearly moreso than the rest of the Pokemon.

Los Maniacos Bus Boys club wanted a rematch with Los Balisticos for the Tag Titles, but the rudos declared since they were so delayed in finally getting their shot that they would make Los Maniacos wait as well. However, they will agree to a trios match tonight. Balisticos get another crazy guy to be their third man while the Bus Boys get...a guy who acts like The Rock.

Two-out-of-three-Falls Match
Los Balisticos (American Psycho and Crazy Ivan) and Caos beat
Los Maniacos Bus Boys Club (Miguel Rosas and Cesar Lozano) and La Roca 2 falls to 1:
x Lozano beat A. Psycho via the Granizo Cesar in 0:06:07
x Ivan beat Lozano via an airplane spin in 0:08:44
x Ivan beat Lozano via a backslide in 0:11:47
Rating: *** 1/2

Rosas gets pummelled by American Psycho but manages to kick out of the Ameriplex and tag out to La Roca. La Roca is surprisingly over with the crowd. He works over the rudos - mostly American Psycho - before tagging in Lozano who finishes the first fall. Second fall sees Crazy Ivan put Lozano in an airplane spin till he passes out. Ivan keeps hitting moves on Lozano and the rudos hit their finisher to take the match, but the tecnicos protest it was a fast count and amazingly Hernan Guerrero lets the match continue! But it doesn't really matter because Lozano is effectively dead at this point and despite efforts of his teammates he gets pinned anyway.

Two-out-of-three-Falls Match
El Mariachi and Tinebla Guerrera beat Los Nuevos Canadians (Colin MacKinnon and Mike Dale) 2 falls to 0:
x Mariachi beat Dale via the Desperado Lariato in 0:08:11
x Mariachi beat Dale via disqualification in 0:12:30
Rating: **

Big brawl for most of the first fall, spilling out of the ring more than once. Second fall sees a ref bump. Mariachi gets powerbombed on a chair and the rudos pummel him but the ref wakes up and DQs the rudos. Mariachi is over big with the crowd.

Two-out-of-three-Falls Match
Los Super Kings (Super King I, Super King II and Super King III) and El Bombastico beat
Team Ultra (Ultra MEGA and Ultra MAX), Pirana and Astro Creep 2000 2 falls to 0:
x SK III beat Ultra MEGA via a flying forearm in 0:11:50
x SK I beat Pirana via the Super King Rana in 0:19:04
Rating: ** 1/2

First fall sees no action for Bombastico or Pirana. Pirana gets in on the second fall but misses a frog splash and gets hit with a top rope rana. Pirana gets pissed and tries to fight with the Super Kings. Bombastico grabs Pirana's title belt and clocks him with it then hits the Bombastic Splash. Bombastico taunts Pirana's prone body - there's going to be no taking the high road for him.

Announced matches for the Tijuana Especial on July 3rd (more to come)...
Title Match: Pirana vs El Bombastico
Tag Titles Match: Los Balisticos vs Los Maniacos Bus Boys Club
Trios Titles Match: Los Pentiums vs TBA