April 10, 1999
Tijuana, Mexico

"Electric Head, Part 1 (The Agony)" by White Zombie plays and the arena goes dark. Astro Creep 2000, Electric Head 1 y 2, La Sexorcisto, and El Phantasmo come out to the ring slowly. They do wierd chanting and Phantasmo does some sort of wierd ritual involving a chicken (hopefully just a really realistic rubber chicken filled with fake blood) that has parents covering the eyes of their children in the crowd. Los Pokemon get a big pop when they come out to get things underway.

Two-out-of-three-Falls Match:
The Electric Head (Electric Head 1 and Electric Head 2) beat Los Pokemon (Machoke and Pinsir) 2 falls to 0:
x EH 2 beat Machoke via disqualification in 0:21:26
x EH 1 beat Machoke via disqualification in 0:23:47
Rating: *** 1/2

Odd match as the rudos sneakily caused Machoke to run into referee Baby Antonio and draw a DQ. Then they got another DQ on a chokehold by Machoke.

[Lightning Match]:
Federale defeated Speedy Gonzalez by disqualification in 0:02:22.
Rating: ** 1/4

Federale is doing an Mexican cop gimmick. Referee Hiplito Rodriguez is looking the wrong way at the wrong time and a missed move caused Gonzalez to collide with Rodriguez accidently. Rodriguez DQs the rat and helps Federale dispense some Mexican justice: handcuffed to the ropes, Gonzalez gets the stuffing beat out of him by Federale's nightstick.

Two-out-of-three-Falls Match:
Los Maniacos Bus Boys Club (Miguel Rosas and Cesar Lozano) beat
Los Balisticos (American Psycho and Crazy Ivan) 2 falls to 0:
x Lozano beat Ivan after the Maniac Splash in 0:16:57
x Rosas beat A. Psycho via the Bus Boy Bomb in 0:29:37
Rating: **** 1/4

Balistcos do lots of damage to the young technicos, but they make the hot comebacks for a clean sweep including Lozano kicking out of a Ballstic Missile.

Two-out-of-three-Falls Match:
Los Super Kings (Super King I and Super King II) beat
Team Ultra (Ultra MEGA and Ultra MAX) 2 falls to 1:
x SK I beat Ultra MEGA via an Asai moonsault bodyblock in 0:05:07
x Ultra MEGA beat SK II via disqualification in 0:10:20
x SK II beat MAX via the Super King Spike in 0:15:25
Rating: *** 1/4

Dominated by the technicos, with the DQ coming after Super King II ended a Ultra comeback with
a face-full of orange mist which drew a DQ from referee Hernan Guerrero.

Two-out-of-three-Falls Match:
Los Conquistadores (Conquistador #1 and Conquistador #2) beat
Materia y ContraMateria (Matter and Anti-Matter) 2 falls to 0:
x Conquistador #1 beat Matter via a shooting star legdrop in 0:08:23
x Conquistador #2 beat Anti-Matter via the Tornado Kick in 0:11:18
Rating: **** 1/4

The odd Matter/Anti-Matter team (odd because Matter acts like a technico and Anti-Matter acts like a rudo) gets dominated. Matter kicked out of one shooting star legdrop but couldn't survive another. Conquistadors continue to clean house and dispose of Anti-Matter as well.

Colin MacKinnon comes out alone, claiming the Mexican government revoked Rob Bihari's work visa because they were jealous of last week's domination by Los Canadians over the pathetic Mexican competition. He also challenges the mysterious attacker from last week to reveal himself but no one comes forward. Four members of Los Pokemon come out for the scheduled match, which was supposed to be an 8-man tag. The Takahasi Brothers (the other rudo duo scheduled for the match) ambush Los Pokemon before they get to the ring and we get underway.

Handicap-Two-out-of-three-Falls Match:
Los Pokemon (Beedrill, Charizard, Gengar and Hitmonlee) beat The Takahashi Brothers
(Sengoku Takahashi and Kawajiri Takahashi) and Colin MacKinnon 2 falls to 0:
x Charizard beat Colin via a dragon suplex in 0:07:55
x Charizard beat Kawajiri via a dragon suplex in 0:12:37
Rating: ***

Rudos countered numbers by cheating like...well...rudos. Takahasi Brothers reel off highspots like crazy for awhile then tag Colin for the finale. But Charizard counters a DVD and hits a dragon suplex out of nowhere for a shocker pin. Colin snaps and while the Takahasi's keep the ref busy, he takes a chair to Charizard culminating in a Tombstone on said chair. And then he hits the Omega Bomb, just to be a prick. Charizard is probably legally dead after a highly illegal piledriver on a chair and Colin's finisher, but Hitmonlee saves by nearly kicking Colin's
head off at the count of 2 3/4. HUGE brawl ensues and the match just completely goes out of control. A couple referees come out to check on Charizard but after a few minutes he pops up, screams "CHARMANDER!" (to a big pop), fireballs the nearest person (Kawajiri), and pins him with a dragon suplex. And then promptly collapses on the spot again. Rudos go for a post match beatdown in revenge, the lights go out! A moment later, they're back on and a mysterious man in sitting in a chair at ringside. The crowd recognizes him as the mystery man from last week, but
because of the lighting again you cannot see his face. After a moment of suspense, he bolts from his chair and slides into the ring. The rudos attack but he takes them, lariating each of them over the top. The rudos retreat and the mystery man hurries off through the crowd.

Two-out-of-three-Falls Match With Captain's Rules:
Los Pentiums (Pentium I, Pentium II and Pentium III) beat Gravity Racer, Mach 3 and Hijo de X-51 3 falls to 1:
x G-Racer beat Pentium I via the Flying Frankensteiner in 0:06:42
x Pentium II beat Mach 3 via a small package in 0:13:15
x Pentium II beat G-Racer via a powerslam in 0:13:55
Rating: ** 3/4

Good solid main event and Los Pentiums are very over as rudos. This was a rematch from last week after the Pentiums did some choking and mask-pulling that understandably didn't sit well with the tecnicos.