Superbrawl VIII
Febuary 22, 1998

Lex Luger defeated Konnan by disqualification in 0:06:25.
Rating: **
[Louie Spicolli interfered against Lex Luger.]

Luger got the upper hand in the match but when he put Konnan in the Torture Rack it prompted Louie Spicolli to ran in for the save. Spicolli ducked the Running Forearm Smash and hit Luger with the Spicolli Driver.

Meng defeated Ernest Miller when Ernest Miller passed out in the Tongan Death Grip in 0:07:30.
Rating: 1/4*

The Cat's went on the attack with his martial arts skills, but when the match ended up outside the ring Meng was able to use his power to take control.

The Hart Foundation (Jim Neidhart and Davey Boy Smith) defeated Vicious & Delicious (Buff Bagwell and Scott Norton)
when Smith pinned Bagwell with the Running Powerslam in 0:10:26.
Rating: -3/4*

Davey and Neidhart seemed to show better tag team coordination. The nWo had a chance and Norton even hit Shoulderbreaker but Davey Boy kicked out.

Eddie Guerrero defeated Chris Jericho by countout in 0:09:57.
Rating: ** 3/4
(Chris Jericho retained the WCW Cruiserweight Title.)

Guerrero was a house of fire. He seemingly had the match won with the Frog Splash, but the referee had been bumped and couldn't make the count. Jericho eventually bailed on the match, retaining his title thanks to an intentional countout.

[Raven's Rules]: No-Countout-No-DQ-Falls-Count-Anywhere Match
Chris Benoit made Raven submit to the Crippler Crossface in 0:15:27.
Rating: *****
[Riggs, Hammer, Sick Boy and Lodi interfered against Chris Benoit.]

Benoit was introduced first. Raven came out of the crowd with part of The Flock (Reese and Kidman were missing). Benoit promptly dove into them with a suicide dive. So the match essentially started at ringside and headed off into the crowd. It eventually go back to ringside but never back into the ring.. Two fire extinguishers, a laptop, a baseball bat, a table, and numerous chairs got involved. Benoit kicked out of two Evenflow DDTs. Raven slipped out of the Crossface once. It finally ended when Benoit hit a German suplex on the floor on Raven then locked the Crossface with the rest of The Flock having been taken out.

Kevin Nash pinned Diamond Dallas Page after hitting him with brass knuckles in 0:03:19.
Rating: **
(Kevin Nash won the WCW United States Title.)
[Scott Hall interfered against Diamond Dallas Page.]

Scott Hall made his return from injury by running down to ringside and throwing some brass knux to Nash then distracting the ref. DDP got KO'd and the US Title is back in the hands of the nWo! With the match over, Nash and Hall laid the boots to DDP then Nash gave him the Jacknife. The Outsiders departed in triumph.

Harlem Heat (Stevie Ray and Booker T) defeated
The Steiner Brothers (Rick Steiner and Scott Steiner) when Booker pinned R. Steiner with the Axe Kick in 0:08:30.
Rating: * 1/4
(Harlem Heat won the WCW World Tag Team Titles.)

The Steiners issues were finally their downfall: Rick was in desperate need of a tag to his brother but Scott was busy posing for the crowd and not paying attention to the match. Unable to tag out, Rick turned around and got decked with a Harlem Side Kick. He tried to struggle back to his feet only to get dropped with the Axe Kick. Scott heard the bell and turned around to celebrate only to be shocked by the sight of Harlem Heat's hands raised by the ref. Scott got into the ring and stared coldly at Booker and Stevie...then started yelling at Rick Steiner! Rick struggled to his feet as his brother berated him. Rick finally had enough and gave Scott a big belly-to-belly suplex! He then left the ring in disgust.

Taped Fist No-Countout-No-DQ-Cage Match
Ric Flair made Curt Hennig submit to the Figure-Four Leglock in 0:20:38.
Rating: *** 3/4

Arn Anderson and Ric Rude are out of action indefinitely and so were not at ringside. Flair came out with his fists taped up, prompted Hennig to come to the ring taping us his fists on the way to the ring. There would be no escape attempts in this match. Lots of brawling. Hennig seemed to have the match won when he sent Flair head-first into the cage then hit the Hennig Plex, but Flair just barely kicked out. Flair got the Figure Four a couple times, but Hennig was able to get out with the aid of the ropes. Eventually Flair got the Figure Four in the middle of the ring and with the crowd cheering wildly Hennig was forced to tap out in disgust.

Triangle Match
Sting defeated Bret Hart and Hollywood Hogan when Sting pinned Hogan with the Scorpion Death Drop in 0:12:39.
Rating: **
(Sting retained the WCW World Heavyweight Title.)
[The Disciple interfered against Bret Hart and Sting.]
[Randy Savage interfered against Sting.]

Fairly even match, with The Disciple trying to get involved whenever possible. Finally after he hit Bret in the back with a chair when the ref wasn't looking, The Hitman took matters into his own hands and destroyed The Disciple. This distracted the referee as Randy Savage ran down to ringside and got on the apron, holding what appeared to be a spray can. Sting was distracted by Savage, allowing Hogan to grab him. Hogan held Sting and Savage took a swing, but Sting ducked and Savage clocked Hogan! Sting knocked Savage off the apron then turned his attention to the stunned Hogan who recieved a Scorpion Death Drop. Bret had locked The Disciple in a ringpost figure four and was in no position to break up the pinfall. The referee didn't see the attempted interference but did see the pinfall and made the count. Sting retains! Bret releases his hold and gets in the ring. He sees Savage on the floor and the spray can rolling nearby and puts together what happened. He argues with referee Nick Patrick who refuses to change his decision. Bret has words with Sting then takes out his frustrations by locking The Disciple in the Sharpshooter as the PPV ends.