WCW Monday Nitro
February 2, 1998

[Dark Match]
Yuji Nagata and Kaz Hayashi defeated Disorderly Conduct (Tough Tom and Mean Mike) when Kaz pinned Tough Tom with the Senton Bomb in 0:10:38.
Rating: ** 1/2

[Dark Match]
Ultimo Dragon defeated Ciclope by countout in 0:14:48.
Rating: *** 1/4

[Dark Match]
Rey Mysterio Jr. and Chavo Guerrero Jr. defeated Scott Putski and Prince Iaukea when Mysterio pinned Putski with the Springboard Hurracanrana in 0:08:10.
Rating: ****

nWo Opening Interview
Hogan wants his rematch with Sting at Superbrawl and he's gonna prove he's still got the stuff by taking down Ray Traylor tonight. He also brings up The Hart Foundation's absence at the end of last week's Nitro and says Bret has finally made a smart decision to stop being involved in the WCW-nWo fight. Savage wants a shot at DDP's US Title...tonight!

Bill Goldberg pinned Glacier with the Jackhammer in 0:03:09.
Rating: * 1/2

Goldberg goes to 25-0. Having split from Ernest Miller and been booted from Vandenberg's Army, he is now all alone. The announcers wonder what will become of him.

Chris Jericho comes out with the WCW Cruiserweight Title around his waist. He gloats about his victory and thanks the fans for their support, which of course draws boos. Jericho says he is twice the man of any luchadore, in both size and skill. He cleaned Juventud Guerrera's clock cleanly and all by himself so bow down before his greatness. Juventud comes out to retort and says Jericho only got the win last week on Nitro because of Eddie Guerrero's distraction. Eddie Guerrero comes out and suggests Jericho owes him a shot for all his "guidance". Jericho says he owes Eddie nothing. As Jericho and Eddie get into a war of words, Juvetund interrupts and challenges them both to a match right now. Jericho begs off but Eddie wants the match as well. Jericho finally relents and agrees to grant them a title shot in a 3-way dance...next week on Nitro!

Scott Steiner pinned Stevie Ray after a powerslam in 0:09:50.
Rating: -**

Rick Steiner and Booker T were at ringside with their respective partners for this match. After it was over, Scott started talking smack to Booker which triggered a brawl between Harlem Heat and The Steiners.

Fit Finlay pinned Alex Wright with the Tombstone Piledriver in 0:09:09.
Rating: **
(Fit Finlay won the WCW TV Title.)

Wright cut a cocky promo before his TV Title defense, but Finlay came out looking very serious and just set to pummelling him from the opening bell.

Raven cut a promo slumped in the corner of the ring. He said Reese has joined The Flock after spending his life astrocized from society due to his size. He finds comraderee with the other outcasts and sees the wisdom in Raven's words that most are too self-absorbed to notice. He will face Benoit at Superbrawl and it will again be Raven's Rules. Benoit with know new pain. Benoit, Malenko, and Mongo come out. Benoit is impressed Raven has some guts after all, but he'll do him one better: Falls Count Anywhere. He will make Raven tap to the Crossface.

Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko and Steve McMichael defeated The Flock (Hammer, Reese and Riggs) when Malenko defeated Riggs by disqualification in 0:01:54.
Rating: -1/2*
[Sick Boy interfered against Dean Malenko.]

The match barely gets anywhere when Raven just sends the rest of The Flock on the attack.

Gene Okerlund interviews The Hart Foundation. Bret says they couldn't come out and fight the nWo at the end of last week's Nitro because they were locked in their dressing room. Sting rappels from the ceiling to the ring. After unhooking himself, he points he pokes Bret in the chest with his bat while Bulldog and Neidhart stand there unsure of what to do. Then he turns around, drops the bat, and raises his arms giving Bret the opportunity to attack. Bret says he is not Sting's enemy. Sting turns back around and takes off the WCW Title which is strapped around his waist. He holds the championship belt out to Bret. There is long pause as Bret stares at the belt with longing in his eyes. Finally he says he wants the belt as much as any wrestler in WCW, but now's not the time for that. Sting puts the WCW Title back around his waist, stares at Bret for a moment then at Bulldog and Neidhart before picking up his bat and leaving through the crowd.

DDP comes out to answer Savage's challenge from early. He wants to know if the fans want to see Savage feel the bang. The crowd approves so Page says that he's the people's champion and he'll give the people the match they want to see.

Diamond Dallas Page pinned Randy Savage with the Diamond Cutter in 0:10:55.
Rating: *** 1/4
(Diamond Dallas Page retained the WCW United States Title.)
[Louie Spicolli interfered against Diamond Dallas Page.]

Spicolli's interference nearly got the win for Savage, but not quite. Spicolli ended up with a Diamond Cutter for his troubles.

In the back, the cameras find Curt Hennig and Ric Rude laying a beating down on Arn Anderson. Rude gives him a particularly hard shot with a metal briefcase. Hennig and Rude flee when Ric Flair comes running up save Arn, but it's too late. Benoit, Malenko, and Mongo show up as well, drawn by the noise of the beating. Flair tells them to call Arn and ambulance and gives chase to Hennig and Rude.

The nWo (Buff Bagwell and Kevin Nash) defeated Lex Luger and The Giant when Nash pinned Luger with the Jackknife Power Bomb in 0:09:21.
Rating: DUD
[Scott Norton interfered against The Giant.]

Norton spent the match at ringside and his interference helped the nWo pick up the win.

In the back, Flair is LIVID. Hennig and Rude were able to elude him and leave the building. He's screaming and ranting about all the hurt he's going to put on Curt Hennig at Superbrawl as Arn Anderson is loaded into an ambulance on a stretcher. Benoit, Malenko, and Mongo try to calm Flair down as they leave the arena to get in a car and follow the ambulance to the hospital.

[Main Event]
Hollywood Hogan pinned Ray Traylor with the Big Leg Drop in 0:05:20.
Rating: **
[The Disciple interfered against Ray Traylor.]

Hogan got some help from his ringside lackey, despite Ted Dibiase's efforts the contrary. After getting the pinfall, Hogan started choking Traylor which prompted Dibiase to try to try to stop him. But The Disciple struck again, giving Dibiase The Apocalypse stunner. Hogan then drops a leg on Dibiase then starts hitting more legdrops on Traylor. The nWo locker room empties as Traylor and Dibiase continue to be pummelled. The Hart Foundation attempts to come to the rescue, but numbers aren't in their favor.