WCW Monday Nitro
January 26, 1998

[Dark Match]
Los Villanos (Villano IV and Villano V) defeated Blitzkrieg and Lizmark Jr. when Villano V pinned Blitzkrieg with the Senton in 0:07:47.
Rating: ** 3/4

[Dark Match]
Fit Finlay pinned Bobby Eaton with the Tombstone Piledriver in 0:10:37.
Rating: ** 1/2

Schivane, Tenay, and Zybysko welcome us to a special 3 hour edition of Nitro. They talk about the events of last night's PPV.

The nWo came out for their usual opening interview. Scott Hall and Syxx are off recovering from their injuries, so Kevin Nash sends a shoutout to them. Curt Henning says he isn't finished with Ric Flair. Hogan claims Bret Hart only beat him because of Sting's meddling. And where's his rematch with Sting anyway? Randy Savage chimes in about how he's beaten Lex Luger and The Giant so at least somebody in the nWo is getting the job done lately. We have a tense moment between Hogan and Savage, but Nash breaks it by bringing up the big news of the newest member of the nWo. He turns the mic over to Konnan who hits his catchphrases then introduces...Louie Spicolli! As Spicolli makes his way to the ring, the announcers give a quick recap of recent events on WCW Saturday Night involving a Konnan-Spicolli alliance. Hogan says they recruited Spicolli because they needed to replace some dead weight and that means there's one last thing he must do to earn his membership: beat Vincent. Vincent is shocked as the rest of the nWo clears the ring, although Buff Bagwell and Scott Norton seem a little reluctant.

Louie Spicolli pinned Vincent with the Spicolli Driver in 0:03:09.
Rating: DUD

The nWo watch the match from ringside. After Spicolli gets the pin, they give him an nWo t-shirt and leave Vincent alone in the ring.

Gene Okerlund is in the back with Ray Traylor and Ted Dibiase. They talk about how the Steiner Brothers still have their belts, but Scott's success is getting to him. Dibiase says Scott Steiner has become a changed man but that change has been for the worse. He made a career knowing every man has a price and wonders if Scott has made a deal with the devil. In the meantime, they're turning their attentions to beating the nWo.

Rey Mysterio Jr., La Parka and Psychosis defeated Hector Garza, Super Calo and El Dandy when Mysterio Jr. pinned Calo with the Springboard Hurracanrana in 0:09:02.
Rating: ***
[Lizmark Jr. interfered against Super Calo.]

Pretty typical 6 man lucha action, except for Lizmark Jr's interference. He apparently has some issues with Super Calo.

Ric Flair and Arn Anderson come out. Flair is fired up and ain't happy last night's match with Henning had no winner. He wants to face Hennig again at Superbrawl and have a brawl to finish it all. Wooooo!

Gene Okerlund is in the back with The Steiner Brothers. Scott shows off his muscles and calls himself a superstar. When Okerlund tries to get in a word with Rick Steiner, Scott cuts him off and keeps talking about how great he is. Rick looks like he's about ready to just walk away in disgust when Harlem Heat show up. Booker T reminds the Steiners they earned a title shot and want it right now. Scott tells Booker and Stevie the Tag Titles will be defended when he feels like it and he doesn't feel like it tonight. Harlem Heat will have to wait till Superbrawl. Booker says suckas gonna pay their dues and Harlem Heat leaves. Rick says ducking fights isn't how the Steiners do things, but Scott tells him to get with the program.

Goldberg's music hits and he comes out practically dragging Disco Inferno with him, with a referee in tow. He tosses Disco into the ring and he begs for forgiveness, but Goldberg isn't feeling forgivning.

Bill Goldberg pinned Disco Inferno with the Jackhammer in 0:03:04.
Rating: **

Goldberg goes to 24-0, finally putting away Disco Inferno after Disco had spent the last month running from him.

Chris Benoit comes out to confront Raven who is sitting with The Flock in their usual ringside seats. Benoit wants an explanation for their match last night at Souled Out. Raven just sits there skulking until an angry Benoit throws a microphone at him. Raven catches it. We get an icy moment of silence as the two men glare at each other before Raven finally speaks. Titles mean nothing to Raven, but they mean something to Benoit. Raven wanted to make Benoit feel pain so he took something important from him. That's why he let Alex Wright win the match last night. And now he'll feel another point: the feeling of being torn between wanting revenge on Raven and wanting to get his title back from Wright. Which hurts him more? Benoit says this all started with Raven ducking him and its going to end with Raven tapping out to the Crossface. He wants Raven one on one. No Alex Wright, no Flock, just the two of them. Raven says no.

Now Dean Malenko's music hits and he comes to the ring. Malenko isn't done with Raven either because of Raven costing him his Cruiserweight Title match at Starrcade. No offense to Benoit, but he's tired of waiting and wants Raven right now. Raven says no to that too.

WCW Commissioner J.J. Dillon makes his way out. He saw the match at Souled Out and he's been listening in the back to the last few minutes. Raven's going to face Malenko right now whether he wants to or not and Raven will face Benoit in a match at Superbrawl! Raven grudgingly gets out of his seat, say something to Lodi, and comes to the ring. Lodi disappears off into the crowd.

Dean Malenko defeated Raven by disqualification in 0:06:40.
Rating: ** 1/2
[Reese interfered against Dean Malenko.]

Lodi returned with a big man sporting a grunge look like the rest of The Flock. He easily climbs over the railing and attacks Benoit, who stayed at ringside for the match. He sends Benoit into the ringpost then the rest of The Flock jumps the railing and attacks Benoit. The big man gets into the ring and attacks Malenko, giving him a double-handed choke slam to draw the DQ. The announcers speculate this is a rumored new member of The Flock named Reese. Raven and The Flock beat down on Benoit and Malenko until reenforcements arrive in the form of Steve McMichael! The announcers remind us that Mongo and Benoit were members of the Horsemen together. Benoit, Malenko, and McMichael brawl with The Flock as we go to a commercial.

After commercials, Chris Jericho comes to the ring. He starts trashing Juvetud Guerrera, calling him "Juvenstooge" and saying he wears a mask to hide how ugly he is. Jericho talks trash until Juventud finally comes out to answer the challenge.

Chris Jericho pinned Juventud Guerrera after a clothesline in 0:12:19.
Rating: ** 3/4
(Chris Jericho won the WCW Cruiserweight Title.)

Just one night after Juventud became Cruiserweight champion, Jericho takes the belt from him. Eddie Guerrero - who lost the title to Juventud - came out during the match and his appearance provided a distraction that allowed Jericho floor Juventud with a big clothesline from behind for the surprise pin.

Gene Okerlund is with The Hart Foundation in the back. Bret Hart says Hogan can keep making excuses, but the reality is he was pinned clean. Bret talks about legacies and how his will grow while Hogan's continues to fade because of the choices they've made.

Alex Wright pinned Chavo Guerrero Jr. with the Reverse Neckbreaker in 0:09:45.
Rating: *** 1/2
(Alex Wright retained the WCW TV Title.)

Ernest Miller comes out and calls out Glacier. He wants their issues settled once and for all. Glacier answers the challenge.

Ernest Miller pinned Glacier with the Feliner in 0:11:34.
Rating: * 3/4

Miller beats his former partner clean. After being booted from Vandenberg's Army, Glacier is out of friends.

DDP gets a mic before his match. Last night at Souled Out he made Chono feel the bang and sent him packing back to Japan. He is the people's champion and will defend the US Title against all challengers.

Diamond Dallas Page and Ray Traylor defeated The nWo (Kevin Nash and Randy Savage) when Page defeated Nash by disqualification in 0:07:22.
Rating: 1/2*
[Scott Norton interfered against Diamond Dallas Page.]

Norton leads a general nWo run-in. DDP, Traylor, and Dibiase quickly fall victim to the numbers game. Lex Luger and The Giant come to the rescue. Ric Flair and Arn Anderson aren't far behind, but the nWo still has the advantage. Sting rapels from the ceiling to the entranceway. As he unhooks himself, the announcers point out that the entire nWo has come out...except Hogan. Sting heads for the ring with his bat when Hogan and The Disciple come out from the back with chairs and blindside Sting! Sting gets pummeled and the announcers wonder where The Hart Foundation is. Hogan takes the WCW Title off of Sting as we fade to black.