WCW Monday Nitro
December 8, 1997

We get a replay of DDP and Piper getting pummeled at the end of last week's Nitro. Then the nWo makes their way out for their usual brand of opening interview. Hogan yucks it up, he's not afraid of Sting, and they've got a plan too. Hall and Nash mock Rowdy Roddy Piper as a washed up old cripple and challenge him to a match at Starrcade. They encourage him to team with Disco Inferno, who knows how to properly take a beating from the nWo.

Alex Wright defeated Scott Putski by countout in 0:03:55.
Rating: *

In the back, the cameras find Lex Luger laid out by an apparent nWo attack. He is supposed to have a match later, teaming with The Giant against the nWo.

Chris Jericho gets a mic before his match and apologizes to the crowd for his poor performance lately and being a sore loser. He promises to do better tonight.

Disco Inferno pinned Chris Jericho after an inside cradle in 0:06:25.
Rating: **

Disco had spent the last couple weeks getting beaten up by the nWo for no particular reason, but he picked up the win over Jericho tonight on a bit of a fluke rollup. Jericho throws another tantrum afterwards and then attacks Disco and puts him in the Liontamer.

JJ Dillon knocks on the the nWo locker room. Vincent answers and Dillon is looking for Randy Savage because is match is up next. Savage comes to the door and says he thought the match was off because Luger was taken out earlier. Dillon says the Giant has found someone to tag with tonight so Savage and Konnan better get to the ring. Savage and Vincent go in search of Konnan, who had left the locker room earlier. They soon find him in the remains of a table with a garbage can having been emptied on him. The Giant and Ray Traylor show up moments later and show mock sympathy for Savage. "Looks like someone chokeslammed him through that table" suggests The Giant. "I guess it was time to take out the trash" suggests Traylor. Savage is pissed and tells them to head to the ring for the match, dragging a reluctant Vincent along.

Ray Traylor and The Giant defeated The nWo (Randy Savage and Vincent) when Traylor pinned Savage with the Traylor Park Trash in 0:12:29.
Rating: ** 1/4
(Lex Luger and Konnan no-showed.)

Hall, Nash, Bagwell, and Norton run in after the match but Ted Dibiase leads The Steiners out to chase off the nWo.

Steve McMichael pinned Louie Spicolli with the Tombstone Piledriver in 0:11:56.
Rating: 3/4*

Mongo gets a mic afterwards and says that Goldberg's winning streak is a fluke. He wants a match at Starrcade.

Mean Gene interviews Diamond Dallas Page in the back. He's going to be part of bringing down the nWo and doesn't care how many beatings he takes in the process. He thanks Piper for coming to his aid last week. He challenges Hennig to a match at Starrcade for the US Title. DDP wonders if Hennig can be enough of a man to face him one on one and leave all his nWo buddies in the locker room?

Glacier and Dean Malenko defeated Ernest Miller and Eddie Guerrero when Glacier pinned E. Miller after the Cryonic Kick in 0:04:35.
Rating: ** 1/4

Benoit comes to the ring and gets a mic. He challenges Raven to face him, "Quoteth the Wolverine, your whining is a bore." Raven starts to get up but then sends Riggs to the ring instead.

Chris Benoit defeated Riggs by disqualification in 0:01:29.
Rating: **
[Lodi interfered against Chris Benoit.]

The match was barely underway when Raven sent the rest of The Flock to attack Benoit. He fights them off until Raven hits him with a chair. JJ Dillon leads out security to break things up and announces that the Benoit vs Saturn match at Starrcade will now be a cage match to keep the rest of The Flock from getting involved.

Mean Gene interviews Rowdy Roddy Piper in the back. Piper is impressed: he didn't think Hall had the guts to face him. He accepts the match at Starrcade and says he already knows the first person he's going to ask to team with him. There's a natural choice, he suggests.

The Steiner Brothers (Rick Steiner and Scott Steiner), Diamond Dallas Page and Roddy Piper defeated
The nWo (Buff Bagwell, Curt Hennig, Hollywood Hogan and Scott Norton)
when Piper defeated Curt Hennig by disqualification in 0:10:15.
Rating: -1/2*
[Scott Hall and Kevin Nash interfered against Roddy Piper.]

Another nWo main event, another nWo run-in. The Outsiders attack Piper to cause the DQ. A general brawl breaks out. Ted Dibiase goes for reenforcements but Rick Rude lays him out with a chair. Savage and Vincent come out to join the beating and nWo numbers win out. Cameras cut to the back to find the door to the Steiners/Traylor/Dibiase locker room locked. The announcers say The Giant had left the building with Lex Luger for him to get checked on at a local hospital after his attack earlier. Hogan gets a mic to talk about how the nWo always has a plan. "Sting" repels from the rafters to a crowd pop, but it's just a mannequin with a wig and Sting mask like it was two weeks ago. The nWo have their laughs and Hogan goes to beat up the mannequin when it suddenly moves! The "mannequin" removes his mask to reveal he's the real Sting! Hogan tells everyone to attack but Sting pulls out his trademark black bat from his trenchcoat. Hogan bails and now it's Sting's turn to clean house as the show goes off the air.