WCW Monday Nitro
November 24, 1997

Highlights of the World War 3 PPV from the night before, including Kevin Nash (dressed as Sting) and Hogan helping Scott Hall win the three-ring battle royale and thus earn a World Title shot.

nWo come out for their typical opening interview. They have laughs about the PPV. Hogan says Hall wont actually use his challenge the way The Giant did last year and it was all a big nWo plot to protect his title. Hogan lays out a challenge to anyone with the guts to face him tonight. Appropriately, The Giant comes out to answer that challenge. JJ Dillon interrupts because The Giant has a cast on his injured hand and needs a doctor's clearance or he will have to sign a waiver of liability. The Giant doesn't care.

The Steiner Brothers (Rick Steiner and Scott Steiner) defeated Disorderly Conduct (Tough Tom and Mean Mike) when Rick pinned Mean Mike with the Steiner Bulldog in 0:06:10.
Rating: **
(The Steiner Brothers retained the WCW World Tag Team Championship.)

JJ Dillon confronts Raven at ringside and demands for the last time that he must sign a contract. The Flock are sitting with Raven as usual and they have a new member who looks like Billy Idol; the announcers say he's called Lodi. Raven signs the contract in a huff and states that despite the contract he will not conform. Riggs comes down and joins The Flock. The announcers remind us the reason he has an eye patch is because of an injury caused by Raven.

Chris Benoit comes out for a match with Raven, but Raven forces Sick Boy to wrestle instead.

Chris Benoit made Sick Boy submit to the Crippler Crossface in 0:06:01.
Rating: **** 1/4

As soon as the match is over, Raven has The Flock rush the ring. Benoit fights them off until Saturn clocks him with the TV Title. Saturn puts him in the Rings of Saturn for good measure.

Alex Wright pinned Prince Iaukea with the Reverse Neckbreaker in 0:09:47.
Rating: ** 1/2
[Debra interfered against Prince Iaukea.]

Iaukea returns from some time overseas but it's the ever cocky Alex Wright who gets the win, with some help from his valet, the former Debra McMichael.

Randy Savage pinned Disco Inferno with the Flying Elbowdrop in 0:09:31.
Rating: *** 1/4

Savage gives Disco TWO Flying Elbowdrops just to be a dick.

Dean Malenko made Brad Armstrong submit to the Texas Cloverleaf in 0:09:52.
Rating: **

Buff Bagwell pinned Chris Jericho with the Buff Blockbuster in 0:10:31.
Rating: ***

Jericho seems a bit angry about the loss.

Ray Traylor defeated Curt Hennig by disqualification in 0:10:39.
Rating: * 1/4
(Curt Hennig retained the WCW United States Heavyweight Championship.)
[Rick Rude interfered against Ray Traylor.]

Traylor hit his finisher on Hennig, but Rude broke up the pinfall attempt. Scott Norton comes out as well and the nWo goes 3-on-1 until the Steiner Brothers and DiBiase chase them off.

The Giant defeated Hollywood Hogan by disqualification in 0:10:11.
Rating: -1/4*
(Hollywood Hogan retained the WCW World Heavyweight Championship.)
[Fake Sting interfered against The Giant.]

"Sting" attacks the Giant, hitting him in the injured hand with a baseball bat. Of course, it's just Kevin Nash again. Scott Hall joins in and everyone beats down on The Giant. Another "Sting" repells from the rafters, but it's just a mannequin and Nash beats it up too.