How to Book a Match to End in DQ via Interference

  1. Select singles match
  2. Select the wrestlers to participate in the match
  3. Click "Finished"
  4. Check the box for "Book Match"
  5. Click "Ok"
  6. Click "New Spot"
  7. Select DQ
  8. Select the person executing the action
    (the wrestler you want the interference to be against - the wrestler who will win by DQ)
  9. Enter the time for the interference to occur at
  10. Click "Done"
  11. Select "One Interferer"
  12. Type the name of the interferer
  13. Select wrestler to be interfered against (same wrestler as in step #8)
  14. Select "Yes" when it asks "Are you sure?"
  15. Select outside interference options (if desired)
  16. Will someone else interfere? Select "No", or repeat steps 12-16.
  17. "Is all of this ok?" Select "Yes"